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Toogit is an online freelance community to work and hire online experts from across the globe in various skills, and provide a curated roster of remote and flexible jobs in more than 50 categories.

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Smart freelancing

Now you do not need to keep browsing through endless feed of jobs to find & work the right match for you. We will take care of this for you while you focus on more productive things in your life. Toogit Instant Connect is designed for all your needs.

Still have doubts? Please read this well explained article to understand how to use it to give you the maximum results. Sign up to become a part of smart freelancers community.

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Anytime, Quickly & Hassle-free.

Pay your global team all at one place, No more signups on multiple payment services. Pay from Bank, Paypal or Card.

Make single or multiple payments. Fully customizable invoices. You are in-charge of invoice amounts and frequencies.

No hidden charges

No sign-up fee or monthly subscription fee. Just sign-up set-up your job and hire freelancers.

We will charge FLAT 8% of each invoice paid to freelancer from freelancer's account. You just need to pay a flat transaction or payment gateway fee. For details see our Fee Structure page.

Flat 8%

Unlike our competitors we do not charge 20 or 25%. That means flat 8% on each invoice paid to you as a freelancer, Escrow service and project management tool.

You save more than 22% on your complete project cost if you hire. At the same time you get better services like project management tool and many others for free.

Free Work Management Tool

If you have worked on some big project recently, you know how difficult it is to keep track of things while managing billing and your workers.

Our unique work management tool provides you complete peace of mind. It keeps track of your job works and notifies you real-time.

Project Management

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I used




very competent freelance IT support personnel in the development of my start up business. I was delighted with the fast, efficient and professional service provided. I would highly recommend


— Iain Clark, Director
Commercial Water Solutions
We feel so lucky to be working on


— It’s where we got our first


and helped grow us. — Ajay Ambatwar, CEO
Codeleaper IT Solutions
I use and recommend

Toogit Instant Connect

service for everyone. I


alone and do not have a team to browse and submit proposals on projects.


takes care of this for me while I stay focused on


in hand. Toogit Instant Connect is the future of freelancing. — Shilpi Goyal, Freelancer
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668 reviews

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