5 Reasons you should migrate to Toogit

5 Reasons you should migrate to Toogit

You might already be doing great in freelancing but there is always a question, on what cost? This cost could be in terms of unproductive time, less or loads of work, or in terms of money. Freelancing is a field of uncertainty and Toogit has adopted several measures to neutralize this uncertainty. Freelancing on Toogit is not only economical but it is advance, automated and enhanced hence it becomes 'Automated freelancing'.

Toogit is the latest sensation in freelancing Era. Some of the dreams f freelancers came true with Toogit.com. Over several others, below are the reasons you should migrate to Toogit without loosing your ratings and clients.


Unlike big players, Toogit is not aiming to exploit freelancers. Toogit's commision is 8% as of now and aiming to make it 0% in near future. Although Toogit accept payments in USD but still the base currency is INR so that Indian freelancers, means 65% of all freelancers, don't have to bear the currency conversion charges. Toogit will bear currency conversion charges if you are in India. Posting projects is free and always will be. Project Toogit is vision of a freelancer for freelancers to make freelancing far better then ever.

Don't start from scratch, be top rated on first day with profile import

If you migrate to Toogit, you don't have to worry about creating a reputation from the scratch all over again. We have developed a premium profile import feature and offering it for free without any hidden cost. You are a top rated highly reputed freelancer already, good, bring it in with you. Import your profile today.

Auto proposal makes you 10 times more efficient

While making proposals, it is advised not to send same template for all the projects. But what if the project owner is accepting these generic templates? With Toogit, clients prefer to accept auto proposals to make the hiring process fast and quick. Also, most of us do use the same templates for all bids because the template is a real piece of art, why not make it automated. You will still be able to do manual bidding with enhancement of auto bidding while you are offline. Activate auto proposals.

Project management tool

This one is a real masterpiece from Toogit. Issue with most freelancing marketplaces is they are helpless when it comes to maintaining long term projects effectively. Toogit provides a high end premium tool specifically designed to maintain long terms project and offering it for free. Make use of it, you will never have to buy any third party tool.

No Scam projects on Toogit

Scam projects are a big issue on most marketplaces. Toogit has taken specific steps to remove these scam projects from job feed. All the projects submitted on Toogit, are reviewed before going live. Our smart algorithm detects and report the scam project to a dedicated team, this team then reviews and removes the scam projects. Hence all projects on Toogit are genuine and legitimate.

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