5 Things to remember before you quit your job

5 Things to remember before you quit your job

Freelancers tend to quit their job as soon as their freelancing career starts building up. Quitting the job and become a full time freelancer has its own benefits but you have to be very sure when is the good time to quit your job.

1. Know pros and cons of industry

You have to be constantly updating your skills and know what new trends are being popular in your field.

There are several ways to be up-to-date. You can start taking seminars, conferences, courses. You would know ins and outs of your industry and you can plan quitting your job accordingly.

2. Have a financial backup


Freelancing is not a constant source of income. The income goes high some months and then goes low for upcoming months. It is directly dependent upon the time you put in freelancing.

Point is before you quit your job you should have at least 3 months backup money just in case.

3. Learn billing and invoicing

learn invoicing and billingYour payments are unpredictable in freelancing. You might be working with several clients at the same time, it becomes more important to bill and invoice effectively. It is frequent that a freelancer even forgets to get paid for a couple of invoices here and there.

Schedule and bill your invoices effectively. Some high rated freelancers even hire other freelancers to manage their billing and invoices. If your work is not letting you to keep a track of billing then outsource the billing.

4. Home office

Working from home sounds like a luxury. But sometimes it becomes the biggest reason of being unproductive. Working from home could become a distraction in the beginning. Anything could come anytime that eventually makes you stop your work for next few hours.

Make some rules to overcome this issue and follow them religiously. Rules could be anything depending on your distraction factor. It is advisable not to work from your drawing room or living room or bedroom, instead, setup a room as your home office and make sure to use it as office only. If a do not disturb sign is needed, use it.

5. Being your own boss is hard

be your own boss with freelancing jobs online

You have a freedom of working anytime from anywhere and do what you want. But other side is there is no one to tell what to do next. You would have to take all the actions by yourself without any advice or support. You would be solely responsible for your successes and failures.

Follow a well set up plan to celebrate small successes and reward yourself some free time. Be more disciplined in case of failures.

Nishant Agarwal

Nishant is founder and CEO of toogit.com. He is one of the top .01% active web developers in the world right now. A passionate inventor and business strategist, helped hundreds of startups to grow their business like a weed.

Nishant Agarwal | CEO

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