All you need to know about hosting your website

All you need to know about hosting your website
After registering a domain, next thing is how to make a website and how to make it live. To activate your website on internet, you need to host your site with any hosting service provider. Which type of hosting you need for your website and how to choose hosting plans, will be explained further in this post.

Choosing your hosting plan depends on the type of website you have and number of visitors you are expecting on your website. Below are the types of hosting. You can choose for a hosting plan depending on your requirements and budget.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is very popular and economical. It is good for personal websites and blogs and costs somewhere between $5-20 per month. Your website will share server space with hundreds of other websites. What makes it bad is any other website, on same server, is way popular then yours. If this is the case, the other website will utilize maximum bandwidth and rest of the websites will work very slow, including yours.

Reseller Hosting

If your requirements are bigger than shared hosting and other hostings are too big for you, reseller hosting is the one you are looking for. Good and economical for startups and medium size businesses. Plans vary from $12 to $55 monthly. It is basically an advanced version of shared hosting which gives you many more tools and controls over the domain.

Dedicated Hosting

Larger than medium size of organizations go for this type of hosting. In dedicated hosting you are basically getting a whole server for your website. It costs around $120-200 per month.

Cloud Hosting

It is more like pay for what you use. Many servers get combined and work together like a single server. As your data increases, more space is allocated for your website.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

Go for this hosting if shared and reseller do not manage your traffic load effectively. It costs around $50-200 monthly. A Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a single server segmented as several different servers, then each server works as a dedicated server for a single website. It is also a kind of share hosting, ensures that any other website does not cause any harm to your website.

These are most widely used hosting types. Choose the one which suits best with your requirements. The prices mentioned above, may vary depending on hosting vendors. The space you are utilizing, hardware specifications these are other factors to make difference in total hosting cost.

When you outsource your website, you would not need to worry about development and hosting. The freelancer will take care of everything and deliver you the ready to use website. This is how to outsource your work and all you need to know about websites.

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