Auto proposals pricing explained

Auto proposals pricing explained

Within next five years, auto driven cars would be as common on roads as e-bikes right now. This is the pace of automation in all sectors right now. Sometimes I wonder why this automation wasn’t applied in freelancing unless now? Hundreds of tasks that are manual right now and consumes most of the time, can easily be automated. Well, Toogit has already started automation in all the tasks a freelancer\client had to do manually until now.

Proposal making or bidding is the task every freelancer has to do on daily basis. And the time you are spending in bidding is the time you are ‘not working’. On an average, all freelancers spend around 40% of their time in searching, shotlisting and bidding on projects. What if this time can be saved? Then you can put your 40% time (wasted earlier) in the actual work.

What is auto proposal and how it work

Auto-proposal is a unique feature which let freelancers submit their proposal to a job posting without even logging in on Toogit. The proposal is sent to client automatically if the job posting matches the freelancer’s predefined rules e.g skills, budget, project type.

Auto-Proposal is sent to client from freelancer’s account based on following conditions (All of them have to be true)

  1. Client is willing to accept auto-proposals. At the time of posting a job client needs to decide if he wants to receive auto-proposals or not.
  2. Freelancer has opted for auto-proposals.
  3. Freelancer has defined a proposal template for one or more of the skills mentioned in “Expertise Required” section of job postings.
  4. Budget of job-posting is equal to or more than the minimum budget specified by freelancer at the time of enabling auto-proposal.

Toogit does not submit all the matching profiles to client in one shot. Instead it uses a complex algorithm to decide which profiles should be submitted to client first. Toogit submits the auto-proposals in a bunch of 10 at a time. Once client has reviewed the top 10 next 10 are submitted to client for review on request.

Benefits of auto proposals

Client has agreed and opted for auto proposals: Toogit sends auto proposals to the projects in which client has opted to accept auto proposals. So be informed that your auto proposals are actually requested by the clients. The nature of projects which request auto proposal is urgent hiring (most of the times).

Unlimited connects: With Toogit you get 30 connect points (bids) each month for free. All the bids which are sent via auto proposals are NOT deducted from your monthly connects. So technically, you have UNLIMITED connects by opting for auto proposals.

Offline coverage: Even when you are offline and a project gets posted on Toogit, your proposal would be sent automatically. You have to define the skills, budget of project, timelines and nature of the projects on which you are willing to send your auto proposal. When a new project gets posted, all of these defined parameters are checked and if they match, your proposal or bid is sent to the client, doesn’t matter if you are online or offline that time. It is an automated process, you don’t have to do clicks or anything.

Premium Jobs high quality jobs: All projects that accept auto proposals are premium projects that require urgent hiring. There is a minimal fee charged from clients to accept auto proposals to ensure the quality of auto proposal projects. So all the jobs you get through auto proposals are high quality premium jobs.

For Agencies: There is no need to keep a BDE for searching and bidding process. Top level freelancers or agencies who have their dedicated BDE (business development executives) for finding the projects, don’t need BDE anymore. Auto proposals do everything for you.

Manual bidding is still unaffected: Auto proposal does not affect your traditional bidding process. You can search, shortlist and bid manually like before. Activating\de-activating auto proposals does not make any difference in manual bidding. It remains same like earlier, and always be same in the future. Even the connect points you use in manual bidding, remains untouched by auto proposals.


Auto proposal was in beta phase until now. Now, it has been fully developed, tested, optimized and deployed with full functionality. Auto proposal pricing has been kept easy, affordable and least. These are 3 plans you can choose from:

Monthly plan: Works for 30 days and costs INR 1000(USD 15.75) each month. Full auto proposal functionality with premium proposals.
Biannually(6 months): Works for six months, costs INR 5000 (USD 78.73) each month. Full auto proposal functionality with premium proposals.
Yearly(12 months): Works for six months, costs INR 6000 (USD 94.47) each month. Full auto proposal functionality with premium proposals.

Note: Auto proposal submission does not get renewed automatically. When your plan ends, you will have to activate the plan again if you wish to continue.

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