Break it, shake it, and make it: The tool

Break it, shake it, and make it: The tool

Rome was not built in a day.

Neither was the web.

It takes lots of efforts, planning and time to make something good. The project you have, if it is a long term project, will become a mountain to break if not managed effectively.

Talking about mountains. How do you think we can break the mountains?

We break them in parts.

Any big task that you have to complete can be completed if you break it down in pieces.

Pieces will be easy to complete. Will be less confusing to understand. Will be achieved quickly. Suddenly, you would be amazed to see the whole work is completed just like that.

This is infact the most effective way to manage and complete big projects on time.

And now you can do it easily with Toogit’s smart project management tool. It will break down your project in smaller tasks, each with an estimated timeline. Client and freelancer would set the smaller tasks with a mutual agreement. Then just start the tasks and complete them.

The mountain is broken!!

This tool is a premium tool offered by Toogit, specially to manage long term\ongoing projects. And it won’t cost you 20% or 25% or your fortune.

It is free forever.

Let see how it works and how you can break it down in tasks:

Step 1:

Client will get the below screen after posting a project. Click add task.

project management tool

Step 2:

The below window will appear. Name it, describe it, prioritize it and set up an estimated completion time. Create as many tasks as appropriate for the project.

project management tool

All your tasks will appear like this.

project management tool

Step 3:

Freelancer will now see these tasks and suggest changes(if needed) and start working on them.

project management tool

This project management tool is one of many awesome Toogit features. Some have been defined in below posts and rest will be coming in next posts.

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Khalid Ansari

Khalid is a hard core techie with an undying desire to learn and explore new technologies. In his journey to the perfection, he owned the development methodologies, provided with best optimal options and platform selections in technical designs and helped numerous clients to evaluate & improve their technical architecture.

Khalid Ansari | CTO

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