Contentmart To Be Shut Down

Contentmart To Be Shut Down


#1 Content Marketplace contentmart is shutting down all it's operation and business on 22nd August 2018. In contentmart's own words "It has been an interesting journey, but nothing is permanent."


Contentmart was an amazing website to provide the content by introducing writers and clients at one platform. 


It is bad news for the users of the contentmart. But it’s not the end. This sounds discouraging. Specially if you have already earned some reputation on the platform. In this blog post we will discuss some of impacts and their possible solutions for you. So stay tuned and we are sure it will help you get out of this unexpected situation.


Contentmart is shutting down, Where can I hire content writers now?

No doubt contentmart had some amazing freelance content writers in it's portfolio but content writers on Toogit are equally amazing. Toogit provides one of the best in industry content writers at quite affordable rates. Toogit charges flat 8% fee to content writers while contentmart used to charge 20%. Therefore, you not only find great content creators on toogit, you save some money as well, 12% to be exact. Content writers on toogit


What happens to my ratings and reviews?

Contentmart shutting down poses an inevitable risk to all it's content writer's earned reputation and ratings. However, you can still save all your ratings and reviews from contentmart to toogit. Follow below steps to save all your hard earned reputation and ratings.

  1. Sign up on Toogit.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Login to your contentmart account
  4. Navigate to your profile in contentmart
  5. Right click on the page while you are viewing your profile on contentmart
  6. Click on save as
  7. Save the entire web page in a directory
  8. zip it and email it to
  9. Don't forget to mention your toogit profile link in the email
  10. Also,Please make sure your profile name on toogit matches with contentmart.

That's all, now you have saved all your ratings and reviews from contentmart to toogit.


What happens to your money in contentmart?

If you have balance in your contentmart account then hurry up. You need place a refund request using “Balance” menu before 22nd Aug, 2018. If you fail to do so, you may run out of options or you will need to follow some not so easy path to get money out of them. However, if you place a request on or before 22nd Aug, 2018, you will get the money back within 10 working days.


Where can I find content writing jobs/work now when contentmart will not be there?

All content writers are migrating to toogit. Not only it offers content writing jobs but it is one of the best modern freelancing website. You can enjoy all the new cutting-edge technology features like profile import and auto-proposals over there. To learn more about toogit and it's amazing features visit our blogs section.



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