First week as a freelancer

First week as a freelancer

If you don't setup good and strong roots in the first week of freelancing, you will end up waiting more for your first freelancing work. Majority of full time employees admire and willing to start freelancing but they are not sure how and where to start from? If you have similar doubts in your mind, this post is going to help you a lot.

Assuming you are a complete beginner and willing to start freelancing pretty soon. There is a saying 'Grass always looks greener on the other side'. Your first week can make or break your morale to continue freelancing or leave it. But it is a well tested and experienced fact that once you overcome initial phase of freelancing, you would never have to look back and think options. Follow below schedule and have some patience, you will do wonders.

Day 1 : Search and read

On day one, you need to know how everything works. Try reading different aspects of freelancing and the nature of work you will get. There are several good freelancer forums and blogs you can check out, including mine. By doing this you will have a good idea about the issues you might face and how to tackle them. The point is, you are CEO and President of your own freelancing firm, try getting maximum knowhows.

Day 2 : Profile creation

Now comes the actual point to start. Create your freelancing profile the best you can. You can always edit it later and as you like. It is always advisable to checkout profiles of some high rated freelancers in your skills and niche. Then come back and make yours a true representation of you. Make your profle on Toogit. These articles will help you to understand how to create a good profile and portfolio:

Day 3: Find projects

When you are done with your profile, it's time to checkout what type of work you will get exactly. Go through the category you freelance in and check all the projects, read complete descriptions and find the projects you can do immediately with your current skills. By doing this you will also find some new skills you never thought you had. How to search for projects is explained here.

Day 4: Draft proposals and start bidding

By now, you have found and shortlisted the projects you can work on. Start sending proposals to clients. Initially your proposals will be rejected(more likely), then review your own proposals, find where and what your bid was missing and try again in next bid. This process takes some time to master the art of bidding. Here are some guidelines how to make winning proposals.

Day 5: Review and edit

Track all the projects you have sent your prposals for. Then if these projects are awarded to someone else, check his profile and portfolio, if possible try to check his bids as well. You will notice many things you were missing in your profile and bids. Then optimize your profile and portfolio and try again.

Day 6 & 7: Rest

As a freelancer you dont have a boss to monitor your actions. You are your own boss. You have to follow a consistent routine of work and rest. Relax for atleast a day in a week and then start again.

Once your first week is completed as mentioned, you would not need to follow the same again. By next week you would have complete knowledge of how things work. But still a discipline is mandate to be a successful freelancer. Invest your time accordingly. Fix some time for bidding, searching and applying and save enough time for your actual freelance work.

Keep Toogitting:)

Dushyant Tyagi

Dushyant is a seasoned freelance writer, developer and start-up enthusiast. Apart from front and backend development, his passion for writing makes him an expert in blogging, content writing and generating quality web traffic.

Dushyant Tyagi | Freelance Writer

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What Customer Service Representatives do?

Customer service representatives typically do the following:


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Basic of customer service project description are as follow:

  1. State a brief one to two sentence overview of the project objectives.
  2. State this in one sentence so the professional understands how the work fits into the bigger picture.
  3. Be specific with requirements, such as specific software knowledge, typing speed, and language fluency.
  4. Enter a start and end date. Most independent contractor projects are project based and/or short-term. If you’re unsure of the end date, or if the work may be ongoing, you may need to consult your HR partner or other advisor to verify the worker’s classification.
  5. Independent contractor work is often paid at a fixed price. When paying hourly, you may want to specify the maximum number of hours for the project if any.



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Skill Requirements:

  • Knowledge of Zendesk and Salesforce software
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  • Handle 10-15 calls per hour
  • Ability to upsell and cross-sell products on the phone
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

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