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Good day everyone.

Sometimes we feel like we are not getting the desired results or we are failing repeatedly in our efforts. In my Freelancing career, I often faced similar challenges. I utilized a very simple method to help myself to the next level of performance.
While this may sound tad tricky and difficult in the beginning. But, once you start practicing it, it starts to become fun and easy over the period of time. So just read on guys, I hope this will help you as well.

If you want to improve on a particular aspect of your life, you must have a balance of Focus, Will and Capability. Lets look at these one at a time


If you want to reach a goal or achieve a desired outcome you must FOCUS on it.

Can you increase your sales revenue by 15% this year? Can you lose 10lbs this year? Whatever the goal may be, FOCUS on the goal, FOCUS on the outcome!

How to Focus? Stay motivated. If you want to avoid distractions and focus more, the best way is to stay motivated to finish your task. You should write down why you're motivated to get your work done, and look down at this reason several times a day, to remind yourself why it's important to focus and not be tempted by a distraction.


Okay, you have your goals defined and you are focussed on these. But, are you WILLING to put in the time it takes to achieve these goals? You must be WILLING to spend time and put in efforts to achieve the goals.

So how can you improve your willpower? Try some of the following. One at a time.
  1. 10 minutes of meditation every day.
  2. Work on your posture.
  3. Practice using your opposite hand.
  4. Correct your speech.
  5. Create and meet self-imposed deadlines.
  6. Squeeze a handgrip.
  7. Increase your capacity for pressure, Learn how to manage stress.
  8. Get more sleep to help your brain manage energy better.


CAPABILITY is the backbone of any successful person. While you can be focused and willing to put in the time, you may never be that great at a particular task or activity.
Improve your CAPABILITY! Do you have basic CAPABILITY or basic skill sets that allow you to do certain things? Work on improving these CAPABILITIES!!

Take a new challenge, Expanding your capability is like weight lifting. If you are able to lift 100 pounds but keep lifting that all the time, your capacity won’t increase. You need to move to the next level and lift something heavier. It will feel difficult at first, but over time it will become easy. Then, once you become comfortable with it, you should lift something even heavier.
Similarly, to expand your capacity you must take new challenges beyond your comfort zone. Work on something you aren’t comfortable with.

Not only should you take an exciting challenge, but also you should make the process fun.

Nishant Agarwal

Nishant is founder and CEO of He is one of the top .01% active web developers in the world right now. A passionate inventor and business strategist, helped hundreds of startups to grow their business like a weed.

Nishant Agarwal | CEO

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