How to get network admin jobs online

How to get network admin jobs online

Network admin jobs is a new emerging category in freelancing world. It used to be a full time job. Sky touching number of new start-ups and businesses gave a boost to this category. The reason being a freelancer is more quality concentrative and economical in comparison with a full time employee.

If you are a network admin and want to make good money in your free time, freelancing is the best option for you. Best part of admin support jobs is most of them are long term and ongoing projects. These are few quick tips to make it big:

1.Branding yourself

Give a short and crisp profile title that suits best to the project you are willing to take. In the description part, you can provide specific to the point description about the projects you did and the services you are offering.

Certifications are the most important aspect in networking. You should add your best certifications in the profile description along with work experience. Leave the rest to fill in the education part.

2. Define your work terms

Most of the times admin support projects are ongoing and long term in nature plus they are emergency prone projects. Means you could be called for support anytime even in your off hours. You might be having a full time job or other similar kind of ongoing projects so it is a good practice to let the employer know your work terms. These work terms could be work hours dependent or budget\ payment dependent.

3. Show your best gigs

There is no scope of misses in this category. Admin network support is a critical job. It is advisable to take the project in which you are confident. If you feel you won’t be comfortable in a specific task, let your employer know about this.

Show the best services you can provide. Mention the technologies in which you are an expert and also mention the technologies that you know perfectly but lacking experience. It is good to be honest every time.

4. Portfolio\Work collection

Network admins portfolio must show the best work he has done in a specific technology. You might be proficient in several technologies and worked on all of them. It is good to divide your portfolio in separate sections depending on technology, then add your best projects in each technology section. That will give a good image of variety and experience you have along with the value you would add to the project.

5. Be realistic in your commitments

It is applied to all fields along with freelancing. You should always keep your words and be realistic in your commitments. Do not over commit just for the sake of impressing your employer, they are smart and they know the ground reality of the work they are outsourcing.

It is indeed a good practice to over achieve your commitments. Commit less, not as less as it sounds useless, but commit the work which is possible to achieve with little hard and smart work. Then try to achieve your commitment before the deadline. It would get you good long term clients and help you winning their trust.

Dushyant Tyagi

Dushyant is a seasoned freelance writer, developer and start-up enthusiast. Apart from front and backend development, his passion for writing makes him an expert in blogging, content writing and generating quality web traffic.

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