How to pay your freelancer anywhere in world?

How to pay your freelancer anywhere in world?

Freelancing is the next growing profession and is the next big thing. There are a big number of companies who are relying on freelancers and are getting their jobs done. It not only saves them infrastructure cost but also allows them to create a workforce that works for them 24*7. 

If you are a mid level or entry level company and need tech support 24*7. You can hire one freelancer in United States and another in Asia without worrying about first creating the required infrastructure at both places (US and Asia). Voila! you got your 24*7 tech support without a single penny investment into infrastructure and at extremely low cost. 

But the question that comes to mind is how to pay them? How would freelancer be assured that he will be paid at the end of month and how would you or client know that you pay only if the work gets done. We will touch this very sensitive question about payments in this blog. Here is our list of top 4 payment options available to you to pay your Freelancer. 


Direct Bank/Wire Transfer

This is the oldest and most popular way of paying your freelancer. But, this doesn't provide work or pay protection to client and Freelancer. Many people still rely on this. But, if you are looking for work or pay protection, this is not the best way for you to pay your freelancer.






When it comes to online payments for goods and services PayPal is the world leader. It processed more than $ 4 billion in payments last year alone. But, if you are a Freelancer and are selling your services then you must know that client can anytime ask for a refund or can chargeback. PayPal does help but that help sometimes is not that good. You may end up loosing a good amount of time, energy and money if you are relying for your freelancer payments on this platform.








Payoneer is rapidaly gaining popularity among the freelancers community. However, it's low forex rates and high currency conversion costs will cost dearly to your freelancer. It's support is also not that great and you may have to wait upto 2 days to get a response from them. There is also a limit on high private payments. You cannot send more than 1000$ to your freelancer privately.





Toogit is a widely popular and known website to handle Freelancing payments. It's working is simple and you can pay your freelancer via credit/debit card, PayPal, PayU or CCAvenue. It provides more payment options than you can think of. You can even pay using various mobile wallets like Paytm, Freecharge, Jio Money on Toogit. 

Toogit also provides work and payment protection. If you are a client, then you can request for refund anytime if your freelancer fails to deliver the work. Just deposit the money into Toogit's safe depost and Toogit will notify your freelancer about the deposit. Your freelancer needs to submit an invoice via Toogit at the end of work or week (depending on your contract with your freelancer). You can review the work on Toogit's project management tool and if you are satisfied with the work, you can authorize the invoice to release the payment to your freelancer. If you are not satisfied with the work, you can always discuss with your freelancer to revise the work. In-cae of dispute, you can always reach out to Toogit support via a dedicated "Raise Dispute" button on Toogit's project management tool. If you are a freelancer, you can be sure that you will get paid if you have done the work based on contract conditions. All you have to do is record all conversation on Toogit's messenger or in Toogit's project management tool. Toogit has the money in it's safe deposit, if you did the work, Toogit ensures that you get paid. These are the best and widely popular channels which are used across the globe to carry out secure online transactions. These have helped clients and freelancers across the globe connect with each other and work by breaking down the boundaries. This has empowered many people in remote corners of the world to gain access to the opportunities around the globe and showcase their talent. This has helped connect people in need of work to people who need workers. This has helped reduce the costs of work and at the same time provided opportunities to many in need of work.

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