Make constant passive money online with Toogit affiliate program

Posted on Jul 9, 2017 11:53:19 PM
Make constant passive money online with Toogit affiliate program

Making money online is a dream of all internet savy people. Some of us succeed, rest don’t. To generate a certain amount of passive income online, there must be a trustable channel you can rely on. It is equally hard to find a good place to ensure constant passive money online.

But not anymore.

Toogit announces affiliate program to every user registered on Toogit. You can simply join this program and start earning. In a glance, you will get an affiliate link once signed up, you can then share this link on your social media and websites, anyone interested to hire freelancers will click your link and hire from Toogit, you will earn referral amount on the total purchase made by your referrals.

Earn, Each time your Referral spends on Toogit
We pass on 100% of Toogit’s Earnings to you for 3 months when your referred user spends on Toogit.

How much you earn, how can you withdraw is explained here.

Below are few simple steps to activate and join affiliate program:

Step 1:

Click here and then click ‘Become an affiliate’. Sign up or login your Toogit account.

Step 2:

Select the resolution of banner from the available options and click ‘Generate affiliate’. You will then get an affiliate link as shown in the screenshot and also in the email.

Now share this link on social media or your websites and also forward it to your friends\friends of friends. Every time your referred user spends on Toogit, you will earn 100% of Toogit’s earnings from your referral for next three months.

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