Make it big without college degree

Author - Dushyant TyagiDushyant Tyagi
Mar 17, 2017
Make it big without college degree

It is hard to craft a good career without college degree. Most organizations won’t even consider your resume for any position without a degree. But the other fact is most successful people of the world didn’t have college degrees.

Freelancing is the only field that gives you equal chances as it gives to degree holders. You can work from home and take online freelancing projects and earn great money and reputation.

There is something you need to be successful, infact every one of us need these skills to achieve his dreams and make it big. Remote jobs are little hard to find without these skills and if you have them you would never lack in work in freelancing:

1.Networking skills

Accept it or not, networking works better than your degree most of the times. People having reputed degrees get all the jobs easily because they have their friends, seniors everywhere means they have a privilege of good network just because they went to a top notch institution. It does not deny the fact that they worked hard for the degree and the institution and after degree they have to burn their oil to make it big. But it is a considerable advantage in comparing with someone who didn’t go to a college.

Wherever you go, make friends. You don’t know if the person you always see in the Gym is a hiring manager in your dream company, well, at least unless you talk to him. That is how your network becomes strong, talk to the people you see regularly. Keep in touch.

2. Commitment to lifelong learning

You might not have a degree but skills. Skills come from learning. If you have a desire to learn, degree is just a mere piece of paper for you.

Learn every day. Make use of it. And repeat.

This one habit will make you successful in long term.

3. Sky is the limit

Your limit is only in your mind. Stretch it. Anything you think is stopping you, might have made someone successful already. You might think your limits are because of family, friends, job, time, age or anything you imagine. But think again, someone out there, already took advantage of same situations and worked them out to meet his goal.

Limit is a myth. Your limit is where your mind stops thinking. Your limit is where you think it is. Look beyond the walls. Stretch your imagination, you will always find a way to overcome the hardness.

Last Modified: Mar 17, 2017
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