Toogit starts service gigs

Toogit starts service gigs

Browsing projects, shortlisting them then sending proposals for the ones you liked. Seems too old and traditional.

Toogit is constantly working to change the way of traditional freelancing. Auto proposal submission is the revolutionary step taken by Toogit to automate the way you freelance.

Next is services.

Imagine you won’t have to search for the projects. Instead, the buyer would be searching for you. Place your shop(service) on Toogit then sit back and relax. The buyer would be contacting for your service.

It also saves client’s many hours. As you won’t have to post the requirement and wait for the ‘right’ freelancers to apply and then shortlisting them. Simply check the services and buy the one you are looking for.

How to setup a service

Login your Toogit account, click on services and then sell service.

Define a good title of your service. Idealy it should summarize your service like what you do in how much cost and time. Then define your service in description part. Add a banner and sample work attachment.

Once created, your service will look like this:

How to buy a service

While looking to buy a service, click on services and then buy service. Click on the service you want to buy and then click on buy.

Khalid Ansari

Khalid is a hard core techie with an undying desire to learn and explore new technologies. In his journey to the perfection, he owned the development methodologies, provided with best optimal options and platform selections in technical designs and helped numerous clients to evaluate & improve their technical architecture.

Khalid Ansari | CTO

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