Toogit starts USD payments

Toogit starts USD payments

Toogit offers an excellent service of no currency conversion charges if your home currency is INR. That saves upto 10% of your hard earned money in freelancing. But most of us work with international clients and sometimes it becomes hard for clients to convert the amount from INR to USD and vice versa.

To overcome this issue Toogit has started a new currency switch mechanism. You can switch your currency to INR or USD anytime you want. The base currency still remains INR but the amount will be shown in USD if you switched your currency to USD.

USD vs INR : Switching your currency

The base currency of Toogit still remains INR but you can change it to USD. The conversion is made on the basis of closing exchange rate for the last day. If you are outside India, the currency would automatically show in USD, if not, switching your currency is easy you just need to select USD\INR from the handle as shown in below screenshot.

Making payment in USD

If you want to make your payments in USD or withdraw money in USD, you can simply do that using your paypal account. Map your paypal account with Toogit and enjoy this hassle free service starting now.

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