Turn Past Failure into Future Success

Author - Shilpi GoyalShilpi Goyal
Sep 3, 2018
Turn Past Failure into Future Success


Many of you must have seen my posts on Toogit wall and on the home page of Toogit, yes, I am Shilpi Goyal one of the featured freelancer on Toogit. I receive a lot of queries on my social media and Quora about how did I find my success in freelancing. But, I always wanted to tell you guys my real story. How did I make my place in freelancing and got success in it. Specially with zero technical experience and training in the past.


I am thankful to Toogit's team which has provided me this excellent opportunity to reach out to you guys via this post. I have named my story as "How to turn your yesterday's failure into future's success". So, here is my story.


Part 1 - Failure

I am an housewife and have been married for more than 11 years now. My husband was a software engineer and life was awesome. However, sometime in 2012 my husband got pink slip and was laid-off from this last company. He tried really hard to find a new job and keep the things moving. But, it seems destiny had a different plan.


Part 2 - Realization

While doing some internet research I came to know about freelancing. I registered myself on this awesome website called Elance, unfortunately! the site has been shut down and has been replaced by a very well known and very bad site you all know the name. 

Anyways, While reviewing the incoming job posts on Elance, I realized most of the requirement are coming for either web scraping or website development work. Also, while web scraping work postings were more in number but the pay outs were not that great. 

Hence, I decided website development is something which can help us out of this situation. Now I knew exactly what I have to do.


Part 3 - Preparation

My husband had a very nice collection of programming books from this college days. I started from the very basics. I spent days and nights going through all of them. Things which I didn't understand were cleared by my husband. I wouldn't say I got all of what I read but I started to get a sense of computer world.


During this period I also learned how to google and find answers to your technical queries. Specially the stackoverflow and w3schools. I didn't know how this would all help me in future but I kept going on.


By this time my husband started realizing that I am onto something but had no idea about what's going on.


Part 4 - Elance

Sometime in May 2013 I started submitting proposals on Elance. As I had set my mind already to do website development jobs, I started bidding on them. But, I got no success. Not a single reply. One afternoon on 6th June 2013 I submitted a proposal on simple ms access project. I had no idea about what ms access is, but anyways I was sure that I won't get a reply so I submitted it.


Something magical happened that day and I got the reply. Discussion started, client started sharing the work details and I started reading all of it. At the same time I started searching about how to do this and that. Most of the links took me to stackoverflow and most of the answers were in PHP.


Conversation started with the client and I started giving him my suggestions based on my internet research. He liked my ideas and project was converted into a PHP based website development work. From a fixed price project it was also converted to an hourly job.


Part 5 - Learn & Earn

I still remember it, my first task was to create a login page. I created a simple login page with white background and absolutely no colours anywhere. Database was MySQL and I used HTML not HTML5. On that day I wrote my first code to connect to database from PHP, fetch data from it, validate it and redirect the user on success. All of this was made possible by a simple understanding on "how to google" and a confidence that I can also code. From a mere housewife I had just turned into a software developer.


I learned an important lesson that day, have confidence and faith and don't stop learning. Accept it that "you don't know it yet but you can learn it". The moment you accept the fact that you don't know it but you can learn it, things change. Paths open and in very short time you start knowing it.


Using this simple principle I worked and continued on the same project for 5 years. The project was successful and earns a little short of millions every year from the very same website I built.


Part 6 - Upwork

In 2016 I paid our home loan with the earnings I made from the work. For the next 2 years I saved all the earnings. My husband got his job back in 2015. Everything was running fine then all of a sudden things again took a bad turn. First Elance died, Second my hourly billing to the job was reduced as one funder pulled his funds. Work demand also reduced so I had some spare hours each day.


Anyways, I started posting proposals on Upwork but things were looking really ugly here. No good jobs, even if there is a good job, you never hear back from client. Meanwhile, I also joined Seed infotech for some formal training in software development and SQL optimization.


Part 7 - Success

One beautiful day while sitting in Seed Infotech's classroom Toogit's team visited the campus. They introduced us to Freelancing in a new way. On Upwork and Elance I had to spend atleast 2 to 3 hours finding the jobs. However, with Toogit's auto-proposal I no longer need to do it. Auto-proposal sounded really special to me. I was still earning something from my previous project but work was not there. Therefore, I was eager to find new work. 


I decided to invest 6000 INR per an annum into Toogit's auto-proposal program. It has helped me get 11 jobs so far. 


So far, I have spent just 12,000 INR into Toogit's auto-proposal program and I have earned around 1,000,000  INR from this in last 1.5 years. I have 2 long term projects awarded to me on Toogit and I have a small team of 4 people now to help me with this work. One of the project is for website development while the other is in artificial intelligence domain on a patented technology.


I cannot say that I had been most successful in freelancing. But, I can surely say I am one of the most successful person on earth in freelancing with zero technical background. I had been still a housewife had life not taken that bad turn. Everything happens for a reason and you should try everything before you say you quit.


If you have failed in past in freelancing and want to succeed in it in future then I would recommend to invest in auto-proposal.


If you have any questions or need help or guidance with anything, please feel free to shout my name on Toogit's wall. I will be more than happy to hear from you.



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In modern online digital world, there are thousands of competitors and everyone has to compete for user attention. How can you differentiate your product from your competitor product? The solution is UX design.

Now a days, the role of UX designer has an interesting and valuable place in business development because user experience designer have a different ideas to create a product and continually look for ways to improving the general experience of the users when they interact with the application or website in order to achieve its objective to provide the maximum customer satisfaction. It keeps customers in mind and creates the basic skeleton of any application. It focuses on the ease of use or wireframing an application and structuring all its elements and components appropriately to create the user flow.

If you have a product or website, no matter how functional, should be understood by a user. The most important step in creating digital product is not only attract visitor but also provide real value to them. If you would like to create a digital product with great user interface and user experience, you need to do a complete researched, and detailed learning to understand your user, and the process of graphic interface design. And you actually need designers to manipulate all these processes. UX design expert have an experience about what your users wants, does, thinks, sees, feels and likes in digital world.

If an app is getting low ratings, bad reviews, and complaints about its usability, or a web site is not generating the expected conversions, it may be time to bring in an UX expert.

Why UX Designer Role is Important

UX is about creating things usable and sensible. UX designers usually spend a lot of time on research and deep data analysis. Depending on the stage of the product and also the quality of the available analytics resources, UX designers draw the proper conclusions as well as make some predictions relating to the product's strengths and weaknesses. UX has involved in element of research, testing, business analysis, project management and wireframing. In the research phase UX designer focus on the end user of the product and the goals of your business and provide a data about what potential customer needed and how to provide the maximum satisfaction to potential customers.

How to hire UX designer?

I am sharing some tips regarding how your business can find and hire the perfect UX Designer to finally improve your usability and conversion rate.

  1. Before going one step towards hiring a UX designer keep in mind that you almost certainly need to hire a UX Designer for increasing the conversion rate of a landing page, to increase sales on the checkout or to boost the onboarding expertise to convert additional trials to paying customers. Write down your main reason and find a right candidate on Toogit.
  2. If you want to find out, Can this UX designer do the job efficiently? Review portfolio, ask questions, and give design exercises. Define your small business task and designer need to do those task before selection, because you need to know, He has to be good at explaining what he does and how something works. Of course you don’t need to understand all the tasks that your designer must do. But you should be ready to tell them your main requirements and expectations.
  3. A good UX designer will always ask a lot of questions about users and how every detail in the product’s functionality is supposed to help add value. If the designer isn’t doing this, you’ve gotten the wrong one.
  4. Post your UX design job post with complete requirement on Toogit. UX Designers on Toogit are highly skilled and talented, hiring UX Designers on Toogit is safe and the money is released to the Freelancer only after you fully satisfied with freelancer's work.

Tips for writing a successful job post

  1. Try to keep the length of the job posting to a single page.
  2. State your expectations and requirements clearly.
  3. What skills do you expect? What tasks and deliverables need to be created?
  4. What is your budget and do you pay by hourly rate or by project completion.
  5. Write a bit regarding your target market and users, why are they interesting to work with.
  6. What challenges would the required Designer need to complete? Why will it be an interesting project to work on?


Sample job description

Job title: Need UX Designer to design software and platforms

Job description: 

[Your company short description]

We are searching for an UX Designer to design software system and platforms that meet people’s needs. You’ll combine interfaces and workflows to boost user experience. In this role, you must be an analytical and creative designer who is ready to understand user needs and solve issues. A strong portfolio of successful UX and other technical projects is important. We will pay $25/Hour.

Ultimately, you'll build our product more easy and intuitive to attract and retain customer.


  1. Create UX deliverables appropriate to the project, including high & low fidelity prototypes, problem analysis, content strategies, user flows, and wireframes.
  2. Understand product specifications and user psychology.
  3. Conduct concept and usability testing and gather feedback.
  4. Define the right interaction model and evaluate its success.
  5. Develop wireframes and prototypes around customer needs.
  6. Work with UI designers to implement attractive designs.
  7. Communicate design ideas and prototypes to developers.

This is a 2 year contract with the possibility for freelancer based on performance.

Project payment will be based on hourly rate.

The corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic has killed over 400K and sickened more than 9M of people around the globe. We face the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that a switch to remote recruitment is important if you continue hiring. COVID-19, or corona virus is pushing recruiters to innovate and reinvent their type of recruiting. Multinational companies have taken the rising global health crisis very seriously and hiring employees online until this international public health emergency is contained, corporate are shifting their entire recruitment strategy to freelancing platforms. 

The freelancing platform create a channel where there is no physical exposure between the candidates, and interviewers as social isolation will help to mitigate COVID-19 led disruption and sustain business continuity.

Due to COVID-19, many companies have completely operated remotely. If you’re hiring, then you need to understand which recruiting process is best in corona virus quarantine. During COVID-19, Top hiring managers turn towards freelance platform for hire great talent instantly and communicate easily with candidates and make some common sense changes to standard hiring procedure, like using video conferencing tools for interview. If committing to new full-time employees without the ability to meet them face to face in unnerving for your company’s hiring managers, consider retaining experienced freelancers instead.

Tips for evaluating and improving your hiring process 

Hiring freelancers can seem intimidating. After all, you may wonder how you'll find the correct one that will work independently and complete required tasks in a timely manner. The advantages related to hiring freelancers are significant, and you'll more easily hire the correct candidates from Toogit for a remote position when you concentrate on a few important strategies. 

  1. Choose and hire for right qualities: Many people would love the opportunity to work from home, but the actual fact is that not everyone has the right combination of skills and knowledge to achieve success in this type of position. Before you start interviewing a candidate, consider what qualities and skills are ideal for candidates in your field. Work along with your team or hiring manager to come up with the desired skills, qualities, and knowledge which can make the freelancer successful within the role. Once you've this alignment, touch on these skills when writing your description and listing. These are the attributes you’ll use to screen candidates during the recruitment process.
  2. Write accurate and engaging job description: Writing a complete job outline, responsibility and expectations in job description is always good for hiring, but it’s especially important when you’re recruiting freelance candidates. Don’t forget to mention that you’re still hiring in the period of the pandemic to encourage potential candidates to apply.
  3. Check applicant communication skill and equipment: Your evaluation process with a freelance applicant will begin from your initial communication with them. While this will also be true to evaluating on-site candidates, it’s important to pay even more attention to the following behaviors when interviewing a freelance candidate.
    • How quickly do they respond?
    • Do they communicate clearly and effectively in writing?
    • You'll also need to use a video interview to conduct the actual interview, and you need to concentrate how well they use their technology.
  4. Create a welcoming atmosphere: During your interview sessions, you should strive to form a welcoming atmosphere. This way you're ensuring that the candidates are relaxed enough to point out you their best self, making it easier to identify real talent.
  5. Ask right questions to assess candidates: If you ask behavioral questions that help you to assess skill levels in different areas relevant to the position, but you need to go a step further when interviewing remote workers. Ask questions that give insights into their level of self-direction and organizational abilities. Ask for specific scenarios when they have worked independently, strategies have used to manage their time, or an example of when they were responsible for pro-actively communicating the status on a project. Inquire about the technology and tools have used to work remotely in the past, such as for communication or file sharing. Ask about the hours they keep when working remotely and the way they plan to handle distractions and interruptions when working from home.

During a national emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, all recruiting teams are wrestling for hiring new employees, we hope these strategies will help guide your recruiting teams for the weeks ahead. Be well!


Stay Home, Stay Safe...

If you’re a good marketer, and you’ve done your marketing planning, you recognize your content creation gets a little easier. To be a decent marketer, you actually do need to go through your business goals and objectives, realize your target market, and have a decent idea of a content strategy, with themes like lifestyles, products, and news. You’ll even build a monthly schedule with general concepts for what you’ll be posting about to best engage your follower.

If you are a marketer and in charge of running a company Facebook Page for a small startup or a large multinational corporation, one thing is just about the same, you can almost be sure that you can find your target audience on Facebook.

Why we need best content for Facebook? Well, Facebook has over 2.75 billion people that log in every month is reason enough. However, while your target audience is surely out there, reaching them is easier said than done, because not only do you have to keep an eye on things like trends and algorithm changes, but you also need to pay attention to the quality of the content you post on your company page.


  1. Follow relevant industry blog: Finding inspiration on industry specific blogs is one of the most effective things you can do your company Facebook Page from a promoting standpoint. First, you'll be ready to find content that is both useful to your audience and relevant to what your company is doing. Second, those blogs are usually updated on an everyday basis with all the latest developments and news, which means that you can never miss out on anything important, and neither will your followers.
  2. Make use of customer feedback: Customer feedback is not only a great way to connect along with your audience and improve your customer service and the quality of your products, however it may also serve as a valuable source of inspiration. This involves reading about what your audience is talking regarding in the comment section on your Facebook Page, as well as their posts, checking your email on regular basis, and monitoring all the mentions your company has received on social media.
  3. Post a variety of content: On your Facebook page, you’ll want to share a variety of content like Blog post, Photos, Press Release and videos.
  4. Choose profile and cover images which are recognizable: Make sure that your cover image and profile picture are recognizable. As far as your profile picture is concerned, it will not only be displayed on your profile, but it will also be visible inside Facebook Search, and right next to each post and comment you make on Facebook.
  5. Get inspired by your competitors: Getting inspired by your competition without copying them and then doing it better than them is the best-case scenario. If your competitors are posting high-quality pictures of their product, you can improve upon that and post a picture featuring several of your products, and then invite your followers to interact by asking a specific question.
  6. Try selecting a monthly topic: One idea in makes an attempt to stay follower engaged is to select a unique topic for every month. Talk about and post links to sites that cover that topic. Having a different topic, you address every month demonstrates that you have a continuous online presence, making you appear much more interesting.
  7. Offer value: Your Facebook page is a great venue for updates on your business, but don’t get carried away. People don’t want or need an in-depth report on your latest company feature. Try including a regular weekly or monthly feature, such as a “discount of the week” with a special offer on a product or service. Let everyone know this is an ongoing feature, so they’ll come back next time as well.
  8. Avoid lengthy posts: You might realize each aspect of your business fascinating, but a long, rambling posts can never get likes, shares and comments you’re looking for. If you would like everyone read your posts, keep them short and sweet, usually between 100-250 characters.

How to get Skilled Content Writers

Hire and work with the best Content Writers on Toogit. Content Writers on Toogit are highly skilled and talented. Hiring Content Writers on Toogit is quite affordable as compared to a full-time employee and you can save up to 50% in business cost by hiring Content Writers on Toogit. Hiring Content Writers on Toogit is 100% safe as the money is released to the Freelancer only after you are 100% satisfied with the work.

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