Turn Past Failure into Future Success

Turn Past Failure into Future Success


Many of you must have seen my posts on Toogit wall and on the home page of Toogit, yes, I am Shilpi Goyal one of the featured freelancer on Toogit. I receive a lot of queries on my social media and Quora about how did I find my success in freelancing. But, I always wanted to tell you guys my real story. How did I make my place in freelancing and got success in it. Specially with zero technical experience and training in the past.


I am thankful to Toogit's team which has provided me this excellent opportunity to reach out to you guys via this post. I have named my story as "How to turn your yesterday's failure into future's success". So, here is my story.


Part 1 - Failure

I am an housewife and have been married for more than 11 years now. My husband was a software engineer and life was awesome. However, sometime in 2012 my husband got pink slip and was laid-off from this last company. He tried really hard to find a new job and keep the things moving. But, it seems destiny had a different plan.


Part 2 - Realization

While doing some internet research I came to know about freelancing. I registered myself on this awesome website called Elance, unfortunately! the site has been shut down and has been replaced by a very well known and very bad site you all know the name. 

Anyways, While reviewing the incoming job posts on Elance, I realized most of the requirement are coming for either web scraping or website development work. Also, while web scraping work postings were more in number but the pay outs were not that great. 

Hence, I decided website development is something which can help us out of this situation. Now I knew exactly what I have to do.


Part 3 - Preparation

My husband had a very nice collection of programming books from this college days. I started from the very basics. I spent days and nights going through all of them. Things which I didn't understand were cleared by my husband. I wouldn't say I got all of what I read but I started to get a sense of computer world.


During this period I also learned how to google and find answers to your technical queries. Specially the stackoverflow and w3schools. I didn't know how this would all help me in future but I kept going on.


By this time my husband started realizing that I am onto something but had no idea about what's going on.


Part 4 - Elance

Sometime in May 2013 I started submitting proposals on Elance. As I had set my mind already to do website development jobs, I started bidding on them. But, I got no success. Not a single reply. One afternoon on 6th June 2013 I submitted a proposal on simple ms access project. I had no idea about what ms access is, but anyways I was sure that I won't get a reply so I submitted it.


Something magical happened that day and I got the reply. Discussion started, client started sharing the work details and I started reading all of it. At the same time I started searching about how to do this and that. Most of the links took me to stackoverflow and most of the answers were in PHP.


Conversation started with the client and I started giving him my suggestions based on my internet research. He liked my ideas and project was converted into a PHP based website development work. From a fixed price project it was also converted to an hourly job.


Part 5 - Learn & Earn

I still remember it, my first task was to create a login page. I created a simple login page with white background and absolutely no colours anywhere. Database was MySQL and I used HTML not HTML5. On that day I wrote my first code to connect to database from PHP, fetch data from it, validate it and redirect the user on success. All of this was made possible by a simple understanding on "how to google" and a confidence that I can also code. From a mere housewife I had just turned into a software developer.


I learned an important lesson that day, have confidence and faith and don't stop learning. Accept it that "you don't know it yet but you can learn it". The moment you accept the fact that you don't know it but you can learn it, things change. Paths open and in very short time you start knowing it.


Using this simple principle I worked and continued on the same project for 5 years. The project was successful and earns a little short of millions every year from the very same website I built.


Part 6 - Upwork

In 2016 I paid our home loan with the earnings I made from the work. For the next 2 years I saved all the earnings. My husband got his job back in 2015. Everything was running fine then all of a sudden things again took a bad turn. First Elance died, Second my hourly billing to the job was reduced as one funder pulled his funds. Work demand also reduced so I had some spare hours each day.


Anyways, I started posting proposals on Upwork but things were looking really ugly here. No good jobs, even if there is a good job, you never hear back from client. Meanwhile, I also joined Seed infotech for some formal training in software development and SQL optimization.


Part 7 - Success

One beautiful day while sitting in Seed Infotech's classroom Toogit's team visited the campus. They introduced us to Freelancing in a new way. On Upwork and Elance I had to spend atleast 2 to 3 hours finding the jobs. However, with Toogit's auto-proposal I no longer need to do it. Auto-proposal sounded really special to me. I was still earning something from my previous project but work was not there. Therefore, I was eager to find new work. 


I decided to invest 6000 INR per an annum into Toogit's auto-proposal program. It has helped me get 11 jobs so far. 


So far, I have spent just 12,000 INR into Toogit's auto-proposal program and I have earned around 1,000,000  INR from this in last 1.5 years. I have 2 long term projects awarded to me on Toogit and I have a small team of 4 people now to help me with this work. One of the project is for website development while the other is in artificial intelligence domain on a patented technology.


I cannot say that I had been most successful in freelancing. But, I can surely say I am one of the most successful person on earth in freelancing with zero technical background. I had been still a housewife had life not taken that bad turn. Everything happens for a reason and you should try everything before you say you quit.


If you have failed in past in freelancing and want to succeed in it in future then I would recommend to invest in auto-proposal.


If you have any questions or need help or guidance with anything, please feel free to shout my name on Toogit's wall. I will be more than happy to hear from you.



Shilpi Goyal

I am an Indian freelance professional Web Developer, have an experience of approximately 6 years.
I have designed and developed many enterprise web application based on PHP and Python.
I am also an open source lover who has contributed to many open source projects and have even made my own optimizer in Python.

Shilpi Goyal | Front-end Developer

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Articles Related To freelancing

A large number of people think that “freelancing” is something you do when you cannot get a real job. On the other hand, “freelancers” know that there is nothing more real than that to be the owner, director, and the financial manager at the same time.


Freelancing is basically being self-employed and not committed to any one company or firm. You’ve heard those seemingly perfect freelance stories. Some designer quits his jobs and starts freelancing and now he’s making more money than he was while at a firm. All the while travelling the world and working for himself. Not to mention he gets to choose what kind of work he does.


When I say “full-time job” I mean one that’s 30-hours per week or more. Basically, you’ve hit the threshold for wherever you’ve started to receive benefits for the time you work each week. Generally, over 30-hours is considered regular, and 40-hours is that the “traditional” hours for full time, however many jobs will go over that mark.


When you work as a freelancer, you’re not permanently employed by any one company. You may have a long-term contract, however freelancers are usually working with totally different employers at any given time and should have a spread of tasks that they'll be employed for.


“I choose to be in freelance because I’m able to work my own hours, determine my own salary, and be creative in my work.”

Freelance work offers tremendous advantages and can represent an attractive alternative to a traditional job. If you are considering a freelance career, you should explore the benefits of freelancing. 

  1. Working from home: Working from home is a perfect resolution for balancing work and family or personal life, during which you can with success make for a living and support yourself and your family. Engaging from home and thereby carve out a comfortable life, it's fully possible. But, as long as you're willing to work hard.
  2. Flexibility of hours: Working from home or from a remote workplace as a freelancer allows you to dictate your own hours and work on times most convenient to you. Freelancers with young kids, for instance, will work when the children are sleeping; freelancers with traditional employment or part-time jobs will perform their freelance work around their regular work hours.
  3. Perform multiple task as same time: Large Scale Company engaged in one activity or an entrepreneur who knows how to do five things at once? Freelancers are themselves in their work. That speaks to that they constantly further educate, constantly wide network of contacts and work hard at acquiring new skills that can make them more competitive in the work they are dealing with.
  4. Lower Cost: Utility costs, equipment, insurance, and running the business from the office building has become too costly. If the profit is insufficient, jobs will fail because of the buildup of these costs. Freelancers, on the other hand, almost don't have any additional cost, then will get started by simply registering at premium freelancing sites like Toogit.
  5. Freedom: As a freelancer, you can choose the clients you wish to work with and the projects on which you work, particularly if you have an excess of work. You can drop high maintenance or slow-paying clients or turn down undesirable projects if you desire.
  6. Income Control: Your income is the direct results of your own efforts instead of being set by the law firm or company. In most cases, the harder you work, the greater the reward. Your paycheck or bonus will not be capped, reduced or eliminated by your leader, though it will vary month to month, depending on your efforts and business.
  7. Learning through Work: Do not think about work like at a company wherever you work twenty years the same thing, you'll change jobs and employers on a weekly basis, and lots of additional can learn what is going to be helpful for future jobs.
  8. Full credit: When you work as a freelancer, you receive full credit for your work. You don't have to worry about the blunders of other employees, compromising your work product for the sake of the team or others taking credit for your work.
  9. Opportunity for all: Increasing employment of vulnerable teams like mothers and fathers with young kids, people with mobility problems and people living in remote areas.


“I prefer the freedom to choose what sort of work I do without my schedule being controlled and my choices being commanded by someone else. I can express myself and be appreciated for it as well as bring beauty to the world by way of my work. It also is less stressful than an office environment and allows me the time necessary to take care of my farm.”

Are you planing to hire a CSS developer—how can you find a top developer for your front-end or PSD to CSS project?


CSS has been in use for more than 20 years and has become an integral part of any front-end development. Therefore, there is no shortage of developers with CSS listed on their resumes. Locating CSS developers is fairly easy, but choosing the perfect one is that much more of a challenge. This article offers a sampling of effective questions to help you identify the best CSS developers who are experts in their field.


What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, CSS is a programming language that describes the style of a HTML document. If you want to customize your website background image, text colors or border then you need CSS design. Alongside HTML (responsible for structure) and JavaScript (responsible for interactivity), CSS (responsible for style) is one of the big three core components of the web.


Next, we learn about what a CSS developer does, and provide you with a general framework for writing a CSS project description to help you find the right developer for your requirements. How to hire a top css developer to get work done.


What kind of work a CSS developer should deliver to you? A front-end developer uses a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build everything a user sees and interacts with on a website—everything from front-end features like fonts and sliders, to the overall manner in which web content like photos, videos, and articles are displayed in your web browser. A CSS developer who specializes in CSS, taking .psd files and mockups and writing the CSS code that incorporates all of the colors, padding, margins, and more that comprise those designs. Beyond the fundamentals, they can work magic with raw CSS, are well versed in preprocessors like LESS/Sass, and may even use a front-end CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation.


Hire the best CSS Developers Work with the world's best talent on Toogit — the top growing freelancing website trusted by over 150,000 users.


Writing A CSS Development Project Description

After you get a firm idea of your project deliverables, it’s time to write a project description. The way you write a description will determine the quality of developer that you’ll attract. It’s important to be concise yet detailed enough so developers interested in your project can submit proposals with fairly accurate cost and time estimates. Here our recommendation to use Toogit’s auto-proposal to speed up your hiring procedure and feel the power of AI in freelancing.


The title of your project description can include the type of development that you need. You know that you need a CSS developer, but why specifically a front-end developer specialized in CSS? The title should attract CSS developers with the specific technologies or skills you require for your project.


Next is the project overview. Describe what you’re planning to build or what you’ll need the developer to do. Be as detailed as possible, and include any wireframes or mockups that can help you attract the talented developer for your needs. 


Part of your description should also define the deliverables including any designs, documentation, or source code. 


Sample CSS Project Description

Below sample will help you to write a perfect project description. 


Project Title:

CSS Developer for a Fashion design website 



We’re looking for an expert CSS developer to help us build an exciting new fashion design website template. The project is based on the (MongoDB, AngularJS, and Node.js) stack, so familiarity using Bootstrap with AngularJS is required.

The right developer will be able to provide us with the following skills and services:

  • Translation of designer mock-ups and wireframes into front-end code
  • Front-end integration with a MEAN back-end
  • Unit testing
  • Bootstrap, LESS, AngularJS
  • Familiarity with API Creation and RESTful services


Project Scope & Deliverables:

While much of the project has already been completed, we still need additional support to help us polish our website and meet our launch deadline in 4 months (mm/dd/yyyy). We will need the following three deliverables:

Deliverable #1 by (date) 

Deliverable #2 by (date) 

Deliverable #3 by (date)

Hire a CSS Designer

On Toogit.com you can hire CSS coders and designers to make your web design and custom CSS project shine. Get started today.



For a top CSS developer, read our css interview question and answer section this might come off as a bit basic. However, It cover most of the core CSS concepts and principles, and provide a starting point for evaluating individuals. Being able to discuss CSS principles and concepts in a clear and coherent manner will demonstrate candidate’s communication skills as well as their theoretical and peripheral subject knowledge. Finding true CSS expert is a challenge. We hope you find the interview questions to be a useful foundation in your quest for the elite few among CSS developers. Finding such candidates is well worth the effort, as they will undoubtedly have a significant positive impact on your team’s productivity and results.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who provides administrative and support gigs. These can range from invoicing clients on a regular basis to managing a one-time project. Thanks to the wonders of email, instant messaging, conference calls, and video chat, your virtual assistant works remotely—he or she could be on the other side of the country, or even in another country—which means you don’t have to worry about finding additional office space.


Working from home, on your set schedule, from your own comfort, and earn more is not always as glamorous as it might seem. Becoming a Virtual Assistant it requires time and patience, along with some smart work. 


Assuming that you are clear with the basics of Virtual Assistant profession and know about the resources to find a Virtual Assistant services, let’s move on to how you can be more effective working as a Virtual Assistant.


How to become an Efficient Virtual Assistant?

Being an top professional Virtual Assistant is not rocket science and could be mastered with a little effort and patience. Given the high competition for these jobs, you need to stand out from your competition to land higher paying services.


Which basic skills make me a top virtual assistant?

Before you go on your virtual assistant journey, It is mandatory to make sure that you possess all the basic skills required. An ideal and successful virtual assistant would be on par with the basic skill-set required.


So do you think you have a good hold on the basic skills? Let’s go through a few basic skills expected by each client. Develope these skills and get hired today:


Comfortable with using Windows / Mac.


More than 45 words per minute.


Know how to use Internet and emailing.


Know the basics of social media marketing.


Have a good time and resource management skills.


Have a good understanding of newsletter creation.




What should I do first to play experienced virtual assistant role?


Since 2007, virtual assistance has become a very in-demand field, and is seeing steady growth each year. With the numbers in mind, and the growing rate of business done online, it is no surprise that several virtual assistance companies have been born. These companies hire men and women from all across the world to work remotely and offer their clients the online support they need.


This is very good news for the brand new virtual assistant, because it means there are options for you to get a steady stream of work, steady paychecks, and professional support and training in the field. You can become a strong assistant very quickly, and then decide if you’d like to move up in the company or branch out on your own. Just be sure never to sign a non-compete agreement if you plan to eventually go it alone.


Learn about the basic ideas for the following term:

Customer Support

Processing Online Orders

Wordpress Maintainance

Keyword Research

Content Research

Email Management


Must have required tools for being a good virtual assistant

A right tool-set is a power in the hands of VA to build a legacy out of nothing. Make sure you have got nothing but the best tools before you jump in the market to play a solid role of virtual assistant.

A phone (cell or landline)

A good computer/laptop that works perfectly.

At least two up to date browsers.

A good email client.

Skype or other chat software.

A good speed Internet connection.

A perfect reminder device which tells or update you about your upcoming challenges.

These are just the basic tools required, and most of the people would mostly satisfy the criteria.


Can I work on fixed schedule as a Freelance Virtual Assistant

No matter you work locally or remotely, nothing is going to work for you if you neglect the importance of a fixed schedule. Although virtual assistant allows you flexibility from your home office, that doesn’t mean you wake up suddenly at the wake of the night and start working.


Make a habit of working during the same hours of the day, every day. You don’t need a 9-5 schedule, but a schedule is a must to get the most out of your work. Make a schedule as per the times when you are at your best with least distractions and day in day out, work during the same hours.


What strategy need to build?

If having a plan is good, having a plan B is a must. So, for every plan that you make, have an alternative plan ready to execute. Things might not always work out the way you planned them to, so having a backup plan will help you in the long run.

Build a strategy of how many hours you’re willing to work,

Where you’re going to work,

What about your taxes,

You should continue making a plan, and you will end up with more questions to be answered even before you accept your first service.


How to satisfy my customer’s as a virtual assistant?

Deliver more: When was the last time you over delivered and your customer couldn’t stop singing your songs? For customers to sing your song you need to provide that rare high-quality service. So it’s always good to deliver more, surprise your customers and keep them happy.


Don’t always do everything to earn more and at least sometimes do for the love of it. I love making people happy and go the extra mile to deliver more than anyone expects. Go out of your way to leave a legacy in whatever you do. Make people remember you for what you’ve done rather than as a man who’s always bugging about the next paycheck.


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