100 // Gradle< Kotlin, DynamoDB, Lambda, SAM minimal example




Shandy Pratama Putra Venezuela


OpenSep 17, 2018
* Informal Description:

Technology Involved:
Gradle, Kotlin, AWS DynamoDB/Lambda/SAM

We are going to implement a basic counter where:
* state is stored in DynamoDB
* using Kotlin, we implemented AWS Lambda endpoints for
/get ==> returns counter state from dynamodb
/inc ==> incs counter state in dynamodb, returns latest
/dec ==> decs counter state in dynamodb, returns latest

In order to run this both locally and remotely, we are going
to setup a AWS SAM config so we can either (1) run locally or
(2) deploy remotely.

* Deliverables

1. You need to setup an account at https://aws.amazon.com/free/

2. Kotlin code:
implements AWS Lambda handlers for:
2a. /get (returns current counter state from DynamoDB)
2b. /inc (incs counter in DynamoDB, returns latest)
2c. /dec (incs counter in DynamoDB, returns latest)

3. Gradle config:
Packages Kotlikn code into *.jar for AWS Lambda

4. SAM config:
4a. local deploy (runs application locally)
4b. remote deploy (deploys on AWS)

5. one lihe CURL scripts for
/get, /inc, /dec
(for showing everything works)

* Client-Contractor Protocols

We do not pay for partially completed projects.
Each project is 'all or nothing.'

Before hiring you, we need to ensure:
* what Client has in mind
* what Contractor has in mind
* what is written in the contract
all agree.

* Our promises as Client

1. We will never change the contract after it starts.
2. We will verify + pay on time.

* Contractors we block (each has happened before)

1. Contractor says 'Yes, we can do the job. Please hire me!!'
We ask: 'How would you solve _subproblem of project_ ?'
Contractor has no idea.

2. Contractor delivers __broken__ code.
We ask: 'How does _part of code_ work?'
Contractor: 'Explaining costs time. You need to pay extra.'
We emailed admins; got refund.

3. Contractor asks for off platform payment.
We do not want to get kicked off Toogit.

4. Contractor asks for future work.
We assign work to whoever has delivered the best
results in the past.

* Our expectations of contractors

== Before asking for the contract:

1. Reads spec in detail. Asks relevant clarification questions.
2. Tells us their proposed plan of attack.

== After getting the contract

3. Is professional + responsive.
4. Delivers clean, working code by deadline.
5. Answers clarification questions as we read the code.

Fulfilling above = automatic 5-star rating + preferred status for future work.

Skills & Expertise Required


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