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Required Data Science & Analytics,Data Mining & Management freelancer for Critical Analysis of Distributed Ledger Technology job

Posted at - Nov 9, 2022

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A topic about distributed ledger technology is given to you, you need to critically analyze it, and also discuss future research directions based upon state-of-the-art work.

Consider any of the following use case scenarios:

Supply Chain
Smart Factory
Energy Trading in Smart Grid
Pharmaceutical Industry
Automobile Industry
Real Estate Transactions

Important Note: It is important that you should not copy any existing use case scenario and mention it in your assignment. For instance, if you go to Hyperleger website or IBM website or see any published research paper, they have mentioned the complete architectures for different Blockchain use case scenarios. Simply copy/paste those architectures in your assignment will not be acceptable. However, you can get some insights from those scenarios and propose your own architecture for any of the above use case scenario.

Give short background and draw the architecture of the proposed Blockchain. [2 Marks]
Describe the functionality of each component in your proposed architecture. [2 Marks]
Which Blockchain (Public, Private, Consortium) you will select and why? [1 Marks]
Your Blockchain architecture will be Permissioned or Permissionless? Discuss in detail. [1 Marks]
Which Hashing algorithm you will use and why? [1 Marks]
How you will ensure trust in your proposed Blockchain Architecture? [2 Marks]
Which Consensus algorithm you will use and why? Explain its working as well. [3 Marks]
What changes are required in your proposed architecture if we use Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT), and Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) consensus algorithms? [3 Marks]
In your proposed Blockchain architecture, how Blocks will be validated, verified, and added? [2 Marks]
How you will deal with double spending problem in your proposed Blockchain architecture? [2 Marks]
How smart contracts will be integrated and executed in your proposed Blockchain architecture? Give two example of using smart contracts in your selected scenario. [2 Marks]
Propose any DApp for your considered scenario. [2 Marks]
Which evaluation metrics (describe any two) can be used to evaluate the performance of your proposed Blockchain architecture? [2 Marks]
What will be the outcome (two benefits) if the proposed Blockchain architecture is adopted? [2 Marks]
Describe three future research directions in relation to your proposed Blockchain architecture. These future research directions should be discussed in detail. Technical depth of discussion is required. [3 Marks]

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