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Kapil Patel Brazil


OpenDec 3, 2018
We are a medical company dealing with patient mangement
- You will be responsible to assist the Singapore based team to carry out the following activities
- Arrange patient appointments with clinic as instructed and save these appointments in our Patient Management System
- Follow up with Clinics and obtain all pending documents in regards to patient tests, and upload into system
- Enter Patient Medical Data into System
- Carry out SEO Optimisation for website and submit to management. Training will be provided with clear deliverables expected

Tools to be used:
- You will be liasing and cordinating with team via ASANA / whatsapp / Remtoe Desktop

Hours of Work:
- Mon to Fri - 9am to 6PM with 1r for lunh break
- Sat 9AM to 1PM

Your requiremnts:
- Intelligient and good in communication skills
- No distractions / loud noises in home environment
- Able to cordinate multiple actvities simultaneously
- A computer (min Intel I5) with high speed internet

Expenses re-imbursement:
- During your work, you will at times need to contact clinics via Phone. If you make any calls for this purpose, such expense will be re-imbursed to you upon producing phone bill

- You will be paid USD 320 per month. This is for 160Hrs of work = 2 per hr. You will submit a time record daily on hours worked for approval and payment will be completed on a weekly basis.

Skills & Expertise Required

Email Handling Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word SEO Keyword Research Virtual Assistant 

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