Architect Floor Plan, Blueprint Needed (must be drawn to scale)




Gregory P Benson United States


OpenFeb 16, 2019

Professional building floor plan needed by an licensed architect, ASAP. Preferably licensed in Pennsylvania. I will provide images and all raw measurements and all the information you will need to create these floor plans.

Please note: This floor plan is for a one-level commercial space that has one main room, two small rooms, 2 restroom, an entry foyer and two additional exits. The total space is less than 2500 sqft. Floor plan is needed for a Certificate of Occupancy from the city

1. Must be drawn to scale
2. Drawing must be a minimum sheet size of 18' x24' when printed.
3. Must be black & white or blue prints (NO pencil or free hand drawings allowed)
4. Must include double line drawings of the entire building (I will give you the specs you need)
5. Rooms must be labled as their use (eg. bathroom, storage, etc.)
6. Location and sizes of doors, windows, corriders, etc. (again, I will provide the specs. Just tell me how you want me to measure it.)
7. Must include ceiling type and height of rooms (again, I will provide the raw numbers)
8. Must have wall and partition types/locations etc.
9. ***THESE plans will be submitted to the city for a C/O, so I will need to include your name and your license number on the application so they know who created the plans.

The job is very simple & straightforward. Please submit REASONABLE bids. Thank you.

Skills & Expertise Required

3D Design 3D Modeling 3D Rendering Architecture Architectural Rendering 

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