Assistance with location swop from Facebook Groups to Wp or other similar choice having outgrown FB




Simon Zabala Guzman Romania


OpenMar 24, 2019
Looking to move our 10k + (growing daily) strong Facebook Group off of Facebook Groups having outgrown that platform some time back to the likes of possibly WP or similar. My team will migrate users we just want a new location developed away from FB as it has far to many limitations but would require signing up for new community from FB etc, I viewed one a short while ago that I think was named "One Community" possibly which would be possibly the ideals of what I seek a social community & forum group together (But Note social group would require stripped back to prevent issues being caused by others attempting to start another group within our group as suffered from that also in a previous website I was involved with but to allow most of the social side would be fine
The finished product should be a fully optimised built and functioning forum community and group pages with appropriate seo and plug ins that can assist in the LT running as I am capable of this task myself.
I would also be seeking a custom header banner something appropriate and a logo and icon to match nothing to fancy function over cost and time spent on it.
It should be pointed out that this is a four yr old community that's both non profit and non money-making it's not our thing we're all about spreading support guidance help and information to mostly disabled and vunerable UK welfare benefit claimants that are currently having a very very hard bad time with the way our Gov is treating us and there is a massive need for clear, concise and accurate information to assist such claimants all Admin and Mods are likewise claimants also, thus payment will be directly out of my pocket so will play a big part in any job finally offered if you wish to show off what you can do, or are a mid term pupil learning that is capable of carrying out my requests this might suit this project better due to a lack of funds as I wish to do this once only and get it right first time.
I have reasonable experience and know my way about these things so am more than capable of keeping the LT management going, but sadly I don't understand how to set it up to start with on likes of WP to get the optimal settings, apps onboard and a decent looking finished project, running it I am confident with However and is my role which I really enjoy as do my Mods who all know their jobs in a new system I would simply show them once and leave them to it as the backend operations and settings I would want set to ONLY be attainable by the Admin anyway to avoid a hostile takeover or messing about with settings both I have suffered previously and took ages to get them back operating properly.
A few things I would want would be a master password before there can be any Admin change that only I would know, some way of preventing users joining up and posting total trash or ads for other groups as simple as our current we must read all posted and allow or not the post, ip blocking for any user we must remove, posts before full access, that type of thing I'm sure one or two apps would work these things but that's where I fall not understanding how to use such and a full and current seo application with easy to update scheme myself.
Lastly as I said above a top banner/header that's suitable and details what we do but doesn't need to be to flashy function and meaning over being flashy would be my choice for both it my logo and icon all having the same theme.

Skills & Expertise Required

English Grammar SEO Writing Web Design Website Development Wordpress 

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