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Regina Birt United States


OpenAug 24, 2018
I am book publisher and I have received a notification from Amazon that I need to prove the rights to the book that has been published.
I have provided them with Statement of Work, NDA and a signed work on every page by the ghostwriter. The statements express the disposition to defend the originality of the content, the absence of a bad use and it proves that I hold the exclusive publishing rights for the mentioned work and the rights to distribute the content. Whenever I get this type of notification from them this is usually enough but not this time. Their response was that I need to provide an 'actual author-publishing contract.
The book in question is a book called Once Upon A Chef Cookbook which is a fan based written book based on the famous best-selling Once Upon A Chef Cookbook by Jennifer Segal
I am attaching the documentation I have sent them which was still not enough.
Please let me know if you would be able to draft a contract that will suffice and what additional information would you include.
Thank you.

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