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OpenDec 3, 2018
We are a small Christian run excavating company based out of TN and we are looking for a bookkeeper and financial manager. This could be a life-long career for the right person. The ideal candidate will:

- Be able to decipher our current bookkeeping strategy that we have in place which utilizes Excel spreadsheets and be able to transfer that information to QuickBooks Online which we already have set up.

- Be able to keep up with all of our transactions in QuickBooks Online in a way that allows us to know exactly how profitable a certain job was, run reports on how much we paid to a certain employee, how much money we have to spend after taking into consideration accounts payable, tracking accounts receivable, and other reports we may need to run.
- Be able to handle all things financial in our company. We need someone who not only can be a bookkeeper but also who can go beyond the normal bookkeeper duties and handle anything in our company that we need them to handle that deals with finances.

- Be able to work from our primary communications platform, Basecamp 3. (If you are not familiar with Basecamp, you would just need to be able and willing to learn it).

- Be able to receive texts, videos, images, phone calls, and utilize apps that our company uses - important to have an iPhone or be willing to get one (we would help you find one as cheap as possible if you don't already have one)

- Be able to multi-task, communicate with other employees, and keep everything organized.

- Quick learner

- Open to new ways of doing things, and expanding your skills to meet the needs of our company, even if beyond the normal bookkeeper skills

- Be able to do financial forecasts

- Be able to set up employees as W-2 Employees, where taxes are taken out automatically and they receive pay stubs with each paycheck.

- Another very important role we will need you to do is handle taxes - individual and for the company

NOTE: One employee in particular will need help filing her taxes (we currently have filed an extension). She does not know how to complete them because she has not been set up properly as an employee up to this point - since this particular scenario would be a one-time task since we are setting her up as an employee going forward, we would pay you for this job separately.

- Be able to set up and handle employees who are contractors (1099 employees)

- Be able to handle if we need to put different employees/contractors on different pay schedules (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)

- Have knowledge of laws and regulations surrounding owning a business and setting it up properly financially

- Thinks outside the box and takes initiative. Asks questions for clarification when needed.

We have another business as well, which we will need you to handle too if all goes well with this first company. This second company is a Christian Private Membership Association (PMA) revolving around natural healing. This would need to be set up separate from our excavating business, which helps fund the PMA company. You would also need to know how to set up employees who work for both the excavating company AND the PMA company, because we have a few where that is the case and they would need to receive the proper set up for tax purposes (W-2, know who to put as the company they work for, etc.)

We do a lot of work revolving around Christian endeavors so a love for Jesus and spreading his Kingdom would be preferred as well, although not required.

As you can see, we are very in need of a person who is a master at all things financial. Pay and Hours will be discussed. If you are interested, please send us a resume, cover letter, what you would require in pay, and why you think you will be good for this position.

Thanks and God Bless!

Skills & Expertise Required

Accounting Basecamp BookKeeping Corporate Taxes Financial Analysis 

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