Business, Law and Management (Leading and Inspiring People). Improving Team Performance




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OpenJan 29, 2019
Subject: Business, Law and Management (Leading and Inspiring People)
Essay Title: Improving Team Performance

Learning Outcomes from a case study discussion that must be implemented:
1. Identify and analyse issues which affect performance
2. Evaluate courses of action to address underperformance
3. Demonstrate the ability to take action to address a performance issue with an individual

The essay requires you to address and review the following task critically:
You have just been appointed into a HR manager role in the Ullathorne Engineering College. You soon become aware that there is a personal assistant, named Mary Rose, for whom you have line management responsibility, who appears to have very little work to do. On further investigation, you discover that the general view within the College is that Mary is useless - in fact she is so poor at what she does no-one has given her any work to do for at least the last eight months nor has she had a staff review and it seems that no one has had a discussion with her about her performance. You meet with Mary and she tells you that she feels very de-motivated; she says that she doesn't have enough to do and is extremely bored and lost. You arrange a DPR for her as soon as possible but in the meantime, you begin increasing her workload. At the DPR meeting you set objectives for her and discuss any development needs with her. She tells you she is perfectly capable and doesn't need any further training. It soon becomes apparent from your regular meetings that all is not well with Mary's performance - her typing is inaccurate, her telephone manner is rude, her emails are delayed in their response, her telephone messages are unclear and she struggles to produce her work in a timely manner. You began discussing with her, letting her know of the observed performance gap. Mary is very upset by this conversation as no one has had a bad word to say about her performance before your discussion. Somewhat reluctantly she agrees to go on a Personal Assistant course. On completion of the course Mary's work improves slightly but is still nowhere near the required level. After six months after the course there is still no improvement and unfortunately the situation does not improve.

Your task:
You have been tasked to produce a 2000 word report by considering the case study and identifying issues that affects employee performance and further suggest actions that line managers might put in place to addressperformance issues in line with recommended outline given below.

The report should be structured in the following way;
Background/Introduction- Word Count 350
Brief introduction of the Case study and introduction of the report content
How should a performance management system be developed and introduced?
Analyse and discuss the manager's role in Performance management/appraisal

Evaluating Performance and identifying poor performance- Word Count 600
Describe the methods that can be used to monitor and evaluate individual performance and behaviours (e.g., employee observation, job performance reviews, enquiry from colleagues, ask employees to give self-account of their work role) \uf0b7 Analyse typical performance issues and how they can be addressed
Evaluate the impact of individual poor performance on the team- Can link John Adair's 3 circle leadership model

Managing poor performance- Word Count 900 Outline the key actions that a manager should take to improve performance where it is perceived to be falling below expectations. How should a manager:
Work with an employee to analyse the reasons for the performance gap
Identify and agree with the employee on the options for performance improvement
Create an action plan to address a performance issue (can be moved to an appendix)
Explain why and how to monitor progress, including how to record action plan achievements
Decide at which point disciplinary or capability procedures should be invoked and how this can be done

Conclusion- Word Count 150
Provide concluding statements from the main body Your work should demonstrate the application of the theory and concepts discussed in the module and include appropriate references in the Harvard format.

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