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Pollyanna France


OpenMar 6, 2019
Hi, I'm looking for Excel Dashboard creators to build 1 or multiple dashboards for me over the next few days. It's for some Excel training I'm creating. Please don't apply and suggest Power BI, Tableau etc, this is an Excel only task.

Here's the task.
-We will agree on the dashboard to build from the list below
-I want you to screen record yourself building a dashboard from scratch
-It's important that you describe what you are doing, so record your voice (but it doesn't have to be perfect as I will record a voice over it)
-Don't worry about mistakes as I will edit, so just one long-ish video
-Ideally, you need to be in Office 365, so it looks like the latest ( I can give you temporary access to download Office 365)
-You need to provide the data source. My students are professionals so no data about Apples, Bananas etc
-Dashboard needs to be clean, presentable, not overly cluttered and attempting to be too beautiful
-Please don't use Speed Gauges (They are the devil's creation!)

Here are the type of Dashboards I'm after. If you can do more than one, let me know
1. Accounting Dashboards (only attempt if you are an accountant)
-Cash Flow Dashboard
-Profit And Loss Dashboard
-Balance Sheet Dashboard
2.Sales Dashboard
3.Supply Chain Management Dashboard
4.Human Resources Dashboard
5.Project Management Dashboard

Please don't try to overly impress and unnecessarily use things like sparklines, spider charts and other fancy things for the sake of it. If it's there to add value to an executive great, if not, it shouldn't be in there.

Also, if there is something very useful you have built that I haven't listed, you can tell me about it or show me a screenshot, we can discuss you building it for me.

Please apply with the phrase 'Excel Dashboard' at the start of your cover letter and be prepared to show me examples. Happy to go with something you have built before that you can re-create.

I need this done in the next 5 days.


Skills & Expertise Required

Microsoft Excel 

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