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Sigit Sujarwo France


OpenApr 29, 2019
Good day. I am looking for a CFP(r) certficate who has significant experience with eMoney financial planning software and currently has access to the software to help with custom financial plans and templates.

I have 20yrs of experience in managing portfolios for institutions and families. More recently, I have shifted part of my focus to financial planning, both for myself and family members. I have used eMoney sporadically for the past year and have my own subscription. My near-term goal is to help various family members gain clarity about their finances. My intermediate/long-term goal is to help the medical community (in particular mental health professionals) by offloading their investment planning so that they can focus on improving the health of their patients. According to the World Health Organization, Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability in the world.

With my continued focus on investment management, I don't have enough time to become an expert at eMoney. As part of the process of building plans, I would like to build out a questionnaire that focuses on only the most critical information (I don't know anyone who likes filling out questionnaires...especially long ones).

*Verified CFP certificant
*1+ years experience using eMoney on a regular basis
*Current subscription to eMoney (or willingness to become very proficient at it. I would supply the subscription in return for a negotiated reduced rate)
*Min 5 hrs/week (to start) to work on planning
*Ability to respond to short questions within 24hrs.
*Very detail-oriented
*Very good communication skills

*Desire to help those suffering from mental illness

How I expect to work together
*I will provide the information I have for each of 4 clients. You will ask for information that you think would be helpful to the client. We will discuss the usefulness of the particular data item and whether is should be added to the master questionnaire.
*You will build a financial plan for each. We will use these plans to create 3 different templates (couple with kids in 40s, 50s and 60s)
*You will help do research on financial planning topics.
*You will spend 20% of your paid hours focused on whatever initiatives you think would help us to serve more health care professionals.

Thank you for your consideration!

Skills & Expertise Required


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