Complete redesign and rebuild of an existing app




Sachin Parate Slovenia


OpenOct 30, 2018
we have an existing app and we want to do a complete rebuild

right now the app has a series of front end native app screens with the rest of it loading a series of web views from links we provided

it also has a QR code scanning feature

and it has a app native logins screen

The new app will be more app native screens replacing the web views

I'm assuming I'll need to create a special web field that the native app screen looks at

I'll post the app details to you privately once we've reviewed your suitability

the current app structure is like this:

App login screen and registration area for new accounts
(registration area does a POST request to a web link on our end)

once logged in, current app takes you to a web view loading a link from our end
(new app will replace with app native screen that dynamically loads based on web feed)

One tab does a QR code scanning function and POST request to a link on our end posting the code scanned so we can display a result

Another tab is a web view (will remain a web view)

There is also another login type that loads two different web views and a similar QR code scanning function

Optional: a new feature powered by Google maps for location based augmented reality feature
Would like to know if you have capability here

Skills & Expertise Required

Mobile App Development 

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