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Vivek Sabharwal China


OpenDec 11, 2018
Hello everyone! I've been using a different hiring platform lately however I want to explore more options for this project. I have a cosmetic brand which we are looking to expand into new products and new collections.

We have 2 designs we need to pick for cosmetic brush sets of 10. An image of a similar set is attached. We are thinking of 1 design a soft pink handle with white aluminum and normal natural / brown bristles. The other a light purple with white aluminum. Must represent the parent company. We are thinking of flat simple geometric designs. They have to be the same design throughout all 10 but not between both sets. So 2 sets of 10 both different designs but each individual brush needs to be the same. No packaging required for that.

The second product is a matte liquid lipstick. We have new colors and new tubes with new boxes. Attached is an image for size reference but feel free to create any unique design. We have 2 matte colors and 3 metallic colors. Same thing, geometric designs and simple soft colors. Must represent the parent company. The design needs to be unique and clever with geometric designs.

We have a collection called l'aqua di Roma 'The Water of Rome' from Rome, Italy coming soon. Everything is hand crafted using natural ingredients. It is more luxurious with gold foil and white. We need a logo designed for that and labels for the bottles and packaging. It needs to have barcode, product description, instructions, ingredients, disclaimer and parent company information.

Skills & Expertise Required

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design Illustration Logo Design 

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