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OpenNov 22, 2019

Thank you for your interest in this job.
$3 per lesson.

Each module has 8 to 14 lessons.

This job is to help put together content to help parents of Asperger Children.

So I am asking for high quality work from you so the parents have something nice to look at that inspires and captivates them keeping them engaged in what is being taught.

I want beautiful classy colorful images.

Images of nature, cute animals, architecture, expressive children & family pictures, Art, and outer space made into slide shows.

I need images of children in different emotional states ( happy, sad, hopeful, curious, loving) some shot with parents.
But not images where its like a family portrait.
More like you are capturing a special moments.

The audience should feel inspiration, awe, and delight with the slide show images.
I want the slide show images to be thought provoking for the audience.


1. Animals
- A happy elephant in a river
- A curious looking cute cat
- A loyal faithful dog
- A parent tiger taking care of a child tiger
- Dolphins

2. Space
- A beautiful shot of the world from outer space
- A shot of a galaxy
- A shot of Jupiter
- A shot of a pulsar
- A shot of a solar or lunar eclipse
- Comets
- A time lapse shot of stars in the night sky in a beautiful setting on earth

3. Nature scapes
- Search National Parks
- Snow capped mountains
- Gorgeous desert sunset
- Tropical sunrise
- Beautiful beaches
- Gorgeous valleys
- Underwater reefs
- Beautiful trees
- Rain forrest
- Caves

4. People
-Family happiness
-Sad children
-Happy children
-Kids playing sports
-Grandparent loving on children
-Curious unique looking Children
- Children in nature
- Treehouse children
- Children in groups socializing
- Lonely child
- Emotion evoking images of all races and ethnicities of children

5. Architecture
- Unique bridges, homes, industrial facilities
- USA National monuments & International national monuments
- The wonders of the world pyramids, Ice caves, roman colosseum, Amazing places tourist visit, The grand mosque in Abu Daube, Tahj mahal
- National structures, the kremlin, USA Capital building, St. Pauls, The Vatican, The great wall of china, Budistt temples, Sri Lankian stuppas, Just beautiful images.

6. Art
This can be anything that is beautiful and inspiring

I want pre-recorded audio lessons to be paired up with a slide show that you make.

***The images of the slide show should match the audio content in emotional feeling, meaning and tone. So listen too the audio content a head of time.**** Please pay attention to continuity of images with the spoken audios. The images must be some what relevant to the content of the audio. This is an opportunity for you to be creative.

Mix it up!
For example a Module has 10 lessons. A lesson maybe 5 minute long. Use different images from all 6 categories no 2 images alike in each lesson. Also be random don't place two same category images together.

(NO) Art, Art, animal, people, space, space, nature, architecture, architecture . ------- No

(YES) space, Art, nature, architecture, people, Art, space, animals, nature, architecture, space, people, nature, art. ------- Yes

***The deliverable are video slides shows with audios placed in and each slide show video that are systematically named for easy categorization and organization***

We will use Google drive to hold the files and transfer the files as well.
They are large audio files.

You will deliver the finished audio slide show videos to my GOOGLE drive.

(The images can not have copy write assigned to them) I need images that can be used for free commercially.

Also please use a large amount of images to be used so the images are not reused over an over again. I want unique images on every lesson. Nothing used twice.
I will share some royalty free website link with shortlisted candidates
There maybe more royalty free stock image libraries. Just make sure I can use the images for free without having to acknowledge the author/website/photographer.

For space images Hubble and Nasa are great places to find images.
But please create a spread sheet and record all the images that you are using from Hubble and NASA. I need to send an email to them stating I am using the images.

(Link removed)

Each lesson is 3 to 9 minutes long.

*Each slide show image is to stay on the side show for 20 seconds with a subtle fade into the new image.*

Also save a version the slide show with no audio so it can be paired up with the Spanish audios when those are ready at a later date.

You will deliver 2 versions of same lesson, one with the audio lesson provided and one with no audio edited in.

Image audio will share with shortlisted candidates.

Skills & Expertise Required

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Audio Editing Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Design 

Offer to work on this project closes in 206 days!

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