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Jonathon Witteveen Canada


OpenJan 30, 2019
SMAR7 Apps is a Shopify app company that creates applications that help users increase their order value, automate their online stores and boost their sales. We currently have 5 applications: SMAR7 Bundle, SMAR7 Express, SMAR7 Scarcity, SMAR7 Product Reviews &

**We're looking to bring on that someone special right now to join the team Full-time and eventually transition to our head of support ** We want to be joined by someone that shares our same vision for a product-centric and customer-centric business. Someone who understands that customer support is not just about answering questions, but about guiding users to success. Someone that is willing to join us on our journey to change the way that businesses communicate, market, and sell online. Someone that is process-oriented and driven by seeing customers succeed.

About the Position:

We're looking to reassemble our support team and find a new leader for it. As we grow we realized we needed more dedicated support and not just an agency. So at the beginning you'll be training and getting the hang of all of our applications. As we grow you'll take over and manage our entire customer support team. We'll do all we can to ensure you grow and excel in your position as long as you can have the same commitment to our customers, team and vision

About You:

We want someone to join our team who truly desires to make an impact, is empathetic, loves communication, is courteous, and is constantly striving to grow/improve. Of course, being remote means you won't be micro-managed and you should be highly responsible for your actions, be reliable, focused on output and results and understand that great companies are built one small step at a time.

There are no requirements for past experience in Customer Success. If this position interests you, then apply!

Some of our most amazing team members have grown into the role based on their drive and personal goals. We'd love to help you here too if that's you!

We would expect you to have:

-Ability to work remotely with your own computer and high-speed internet connection (can travel and work - just need to make sure you'll be
-Ability to communicate with fluent English to o
-Tech-savvy ability enough to communicate technical details and guide users through our software (training will be provided, but must have the ability to understand basics)
-Ability to handle sometimes tough conversations with users with a smile
-Real excitement to see customer wins, successful stores and healthy growing businesses
-The drive to learn and grow every

What does the average day look like in SMAR7 Apps? Imagine this:

Login to Basecamp and see what the heck everyone is up to or did over the weekend! Our team is all over the world, but we're always overlapping hours working together to innovate and move the company forward.

Review any development updates in Slack or Zendesk from your teammates on internal updates, urgent tickets, new bug fixes, or what's going on in the company for that day. Communication is always key here in a fast moving company!

Log into Intercom and review the conversations going on for the day and see if anything should be reviewed prior to starting your shift. You can check in with any other team members of any urgent tickets and organize your priorities to make yourself successful for the day.

It'll be important that you keep communication strong with the success team (especially during transitions) on what's going on and where!

Then, you can high five your teammates again when you log off and update the team in Slack with your daily update!

Once a week, we'll review the tickets as a team, review team KPI's and review any major issues (plus we'll meet monthly to look where to improve for better internal systems across the company).

Then of course as you grow into the head support position, you'll be managing your peers success, KPIs and results as well.

More about the position:

This shift would start at 9 AM EST - 5 pm EST Monday to Friday

We're open to any time zone, as long as you can fulfill it!

What to do next:

If this sounds exciting to you, and you think working with an awesome startup company sounds great, let's talk.

A short overview of why you think SMAR7 Apps might be the right fit for you

A rsum is cool but not necessary, feel free to include any and all recommendations from past colleagues or employers (LinkedIn works)

Tell us about you personally, stuff you're into - what your goals are, where you are in life and where you want to be in life. This may not be your dream job, but who knows maybe we can work together to help it become so!

What's your favorite book?

BONUS! Include a video of yourself telling us a little bit about yourself - just post it on Vimeo/YouTube/etc. This will greatly increase your chances of an interview! :)

Skills & Expertise Required

Chat Support Customer Service Customer Support Email Handling Shopify 

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