Customise lens for iPhone6 for infrared light - electrical engineer / mobiles expert.




Budi Setiawan Benin


OpenFeb 17, 2019
I'm looking for an expert in smartphones customisation.

For an art installation I need an iPhone6, with the lens customized > the IR cutoff filter removed. And the new lens needs to be tele 3x zoom.

Also I need to be able to externally switch between 2 filters: 'IR long pass filter' and the same as removed 'IR cut-off filter'. (I need to use both options to 1. video capture infrared light and 2. also video capture the default way with IR-light cut off...).

This customised iPhone6 (or customised lens only + 2 IR-filters) need to arrive in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe) by latest.

Who can help, on short notice? Thank you.

Skills & Expertise Required

Electronics Engineering Design 

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