Cyber network security




Kieran Italy


OpenAug 17, 2018
Looking for Cyber network security
To crack SSL protocol encryption codes traffic in real time ('man in the middle') and to transmit the wired transmission between them to an external server and to make them believe that they communicate directly on a private channel, whereas in fact the connection is entirely controlled by the authorized user, Without looking like a virus.
The Developers who will find the solution will be asked to demonstrate how the solution is actually possible,
And only then the tools and the salary for the development will be given.
Looking for the one who knows how to decrypt SSL codes and Decode algorithms, while being 'man in the middle' between two wired different systems, whitout looking like a virus.
If you are reading this and you know how it will work send me a message with a document that describes the way to be the 'man in the middle' without any problem and with 100% success decryption.

Skills & Expertise Required

software development 

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