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Julia Christian Switzerland


OpenDec 20, 2018
There is over 1000 URLs and every 2 of them with less than 200 reviews will counts as a single project == $5. If the reviews goes more than 200 reviews, it will count as a single project.
In substitute of 200 reviews product, you may get up to 3 product which may not have more than 180 reviews in total. Each URL is for a product/service, and the task is to get the pros and cons of them.

Follow these steps:
1- Go the URL and find all the reviews for the item,
2- Sort the reviews by least recent first (oldest review first)
3- Then follow as described here.

There are 5 tabs

Product TAB
URL and Product ID will be presented in this page.

Data TAB
1- Sorts the reviews by recent date, and counts backward(the most recent reviews will be number 1,2,...)
For each review, there are different attributes which needs to be collected. For the review content, pros and cons which are exactly comes from reviews will be chosen - no change to text, along with helpfulness and usefulness and cool/happy or whatever extra attributes the service provide.

Analysis TAB
In this tab, all the associated data number with pros and cons and usefulness, helpfulness ... will be presented. ( this is dynamic and will be populated automatically)

Pros Tab/Cons Tab
In this tab, the top 20 PROS and CONS for that product will be presented - all the similar sentence will be group as a single sentence and the sentence will be ranked by frequency. The frequency will be appear in count column and all the reviews which are representative of the that sentence will be in reviews column.

Never modify sentences, I want to use exact sentence match even one word shouldn't modify for the pros and cons.

I want the Pros and Cons be a descriptive about product or service, 'Love it', 'it is great' , or anything like this is not useful. The pros and cons should describe the item. So any general information is useless. Also I am not expecting that all the products/items have pros or cons, they can have nothing useful.

Also, each Pros/Cons analysis should be in a new line so where you 1- pros1 2-pros2 3-pros3, they should be

or for cons

This means that if comment is large but does not describe a item you don't write anything.

Skills & Expertise Required

English Microsoft Excel 

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