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Marko NnUnited States


AwardedMar 16, 2019
I've never successfully finished any project myself yet even though I've tried. I easily get lost during the early stage of project due to complexity of initial environmental setup or lack of careful planning. Since I want to become a full-stack developer one day, I can't just give up now. I need to gain some experiences of finishing project myself even if I get some help from someone who can manage and do a project with me.

Who am I looking for
1. I need someone who is patient enough to guide and work with a newbie on a project.
2. I need someone who has finished multiple python projects successfully (I want to see links to your project in that case).
3. I need someone who is open minded and willing to communicate on a regular basis

Job Description
Basically, I need a project manager and a coach to my project. You need to be able to communicate and brainstorm with me during the beginning of the project. Then, once the project starts off, you need to check my progress and code I've written on a regular basis. (we might code together later but I am looking to gain some experiences myself from this.) Most importantly, you need to be able to help me finish the project to the end unless you are not the good fit for this job. This might actually be fun since we have some freedom on the project!!

These are some projects I have in mind.
1. A program that parses public image of famous people from SNS such as Tweeter and determine whether the person's reputation is positive
EX). Imagine the program can decide Whether Donald Trump is doing a good job by parsing people's opinion on Tweeter and looking for certain words related to the images.
2. A program that finds physical distance to someone who shares the similar thought as mine.
EX). Imagine the program can give me physical distance to someone who is interested in playing 'Fortnight' by searching on SNS

I wish that we can finish the project in two months(till the end of June), and you may need to write codes with me if the project takes too much time. Considering that I'm a newbie on python, I'm open to any additional idea on project if the project doesn't seem to be realistic.

Skills & Expertise Required


Project closed for bidding!

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