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Frankie Puckett United States


OpenJun 24, 2019
About us:
We research and develop cutting-edge health & fitness products (supplements, foods, protocols/plans, etc.) backed by science to help others achieve optimal health & peak performance. We are a small family/veteran-owned business. Our founders are two brothers, one is a scientist, and the other is a former U.S. Marine. Our mission is to help people lead healthier, better, and longer lives, and at the same time leave a positive impact on the world (5% of all of our profits go towards 1) supporting research to help find a cure for Pulmonary Hypertension, a fatal, life-threatening disease that afflicts people of all ages, including children and newborns, 2) providing lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children under five at risk of malnutrition, 3) providing clean safe water to people in need.)

We're looking for an experienced digital & social media marketer to create/build out our digital & social media campaigns. We need help with a) developing a solid brand strategy and positioning, b) fine-tuning our marketing message and materials, c) expanding our reach & growing our social accounts, d) creating compelling content (both native content and ad copy) for social media.

Basically, we need some assistance with our complete digital marketing strategy. We need someone to help develop these strategies as well as execute them. Our founders have very little time to do this as we are focusing our time on developing cutting-edge products.

We are looking for someone who has foundations and experience in health/fitness, and who is at least familiar with low-carb, paleo, and/or keto dietary protocols and lifestyles. We are looking for someone who is well aligned with us and our mission whom we can work with for the long run.

Project deliverables:
-Create engaging content to generate interest and virality for our brand, products, and campaigns
-Create social posts & ads
-Follow relevant social accounts
-Interact with comments and solve any inbound issues
-Competitor analysis and market research
-Running Google & Social Ads
-Running retargeting campaigns
-Influencer outreach

Skills this project requires:
-Experience managing social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
-Experience with Google Ads
-Experience with retargeting campaigns
-Familiarity with Low-Carb diets like Paleo & Keto, as well as with fitness protocols like Strength Training
-Our audience: 25-55 year old Males and Females that are either 1) Paleo/Keto/Low-Carb dieters, or 2) Busy individuals with little time who want to get healthy and in shape, stay in shape, or remove health issues.
-Experience with influence marketing

In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience, including examples of digital campaigns, and social media accounts previously created or managed. Also, please provide the following:
-A summary of how you can help solidify our branding and message
-How you will help us grow our social accounts, and gain exposure and customers at a profitable ROI

Skills & Expertise Required

Blog Writing 

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