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Felix India


OpenJul 28, 2018
ONE ... restaurant within a food category such as ' pizza store ' ... or ' sandwich shpp ' is generating X daily cash flow from actual records of sales ... and begins a customer savings coupon plan that is Copyrighted, Branded, Trademarked ... PROGRESSIVE PRICING COUPONS TM associated with Copyrighted, Branded, Trademarked ... 1 Z 2Z 3 Z MorZ TM Coupons, which plan is designed to increase new customer participation ... in the subject ' categorical pizza store owner's business ' ... from present / recent past daily cash flow ... to the point of diminishing returns, and capability of the subject store. = maximum daily sales based on current business costs of cash flow.

This original, copyrighted, published, Branded, Trademarked Plan is designed to use the branded Customer cash savings coupon plan, together with the business outcome projection that increases ONE ... categorical pizza ( or subject of projection ) sales market share within a Zip Code and Carrier Route of all pizza stores in the Zip Code / Carrier Route, as a CPA Audits OnLine TM benefit ... CPA Verified TM Benefit

Skills & Expertise Required

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 

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