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OpenJan 27, 2019
There are several people who have concept or topic but can't write properly. Also, there are people who can write amazing things in most amazing soothing words but they don't have concept or topic.
So, you are going to create a website where there are 3 people.
First, The Publisher: The role of the publisher is to provide genre/type of book he wants. Like, I am a publisher and I know that romantic books is in demand. So, he will create a contest where people are allowed to show their concepts. The winner will get rewarded in cash from the publisher.
Now, either the publisher will use the concept to write a story/poem on it or will hire you to create a story on the concept.
Second, The Writers: Writers will come in this category. This category also includes the concept creators.
Third, The Normal Users: The normal users are the customers, who can take part in creating concepts. Voting for the favorite books. Buying or selling the books. Giving open opinions about the book. Let users register without a role and add role to their profile later. The role of a publisher - The role of the publisher to start contests. The publisher setup a reward, provide a genre/type of concept he wants. This is something where you need to work. You have to grab the publishers to your platform. Tell them about it, convince them so they really try it.
The Users - The participants can be anyone, any registered user can participate in contest. They will provide concepts and will get shared to the publisher. The publisher can read all the concepts. These concepts are only visible to the publisher but no one else. Once the publisher is okay with any of the concepts he will then choose a winner and ask them to elaborate the concept in details to him.
Once the concept is cleared to the publisher. The contest money is awarded to the winner. Now, the publisher can choose: What to do with concept.
Either he can let winner to write a book on that concept or get hire writer from the same platform to write a book on that concept. With these the team of 3 will get created which includes, the writer, the concept contest winner and the publisher. Just to get going, you need to take some security money from each of them. So, that none of them leave the project hanging in between.
The another role of user is to publicly wrote the concepts on different genres and other users, authors and publisher will Vote/Like or comment on that concept. Maybe create a team with an author and start writing on it. Maybe later found a publisher and publish that too.
The Author - The authors are the main block of the website. This is something you need to improve. It is also possible that at start you have to pay some of them to come to your platform. These can be individually hired by the publishers just like I mention above in publisher section.
As well as they can also, write a book and ask for a publisher to review it. For example: If I wrote a book named - "Night at a Metro". I will upload an introduction about the book and ask for publisher to review and bid. The highest bid will publish the book. This way the author will automatically come to your website and both the work get done.
While what you can still add on is an e-commerce book store for selling these books. Also, you can also add a short story section.
E-Book sections.
Audio book sections. Etc.

Skills & Expertise Required

Graphic Design HTML HTML5 javascript Web Design 

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