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Patrick Brassard Liberia


OpenFeb 27, 2019
I have a list of 1700+ Items in a spread sheet column A in order from top to bottom. The list includes blank cells in Column A.

I need a freelancer that can create a Microsoft Exel Spread sheet that can import my list and break it down into 3 columns per page across as many pages needed and keep the list in order.
And will also do the same into 2 columns per page and keep the list in order.

I need a new spreadsheet created that will do the following:

I want the new spreadsheet to be able to import my list in the exact order of the list.
I want cell 1 column A of my list to import to cell 1 of Column A of the new spread sheet. Then contents of cell 2 column A of my list populated to cell 2 Column A of the new list and so on down the list. When my list in gets down to the last printable cell of Column A page 1 of the new spread sheet, I want the next item in my list to populate into cell 1 of Column C page 1 of the new spread sheet and continue to the last printable row of the first page. When my list gets to the last printable row of Column C of page 1, I want the next item in the list to populate to cell 1 of column E of page 1 of the new spread sheet. After column E is populated to the last printable row, the next item on my list should be populated into cell 1 Column A of page 2 of the new spread sheet and the same process continue until the entire list is imported into the new spreadsheet at 3 columns per page keeping the list in order over as many pages as it takes to accept the list.

I also want a way for my list to be imported to a new spreadsheet with 2 columns per page using column A and column C of the newly created spread sheet.

I also want written instructions as to how to import my list into the new spreadsheet.

Font is Calibri Size 8. My Column A is 35 Calibri size 8 Capital Characters in Width

Column Size of the new spread sheet: Columns A, C, and E must fit 36 capital letters of Calibri size 8
Columns B, D, and F should be 3 capital letters wide of Calibri Size 8

The new spread sheet should be set up as default Calibri Size 8

When the page prints there should be no loss of items off the list nor loss of order of the list.

Skills & Expertise Required

Data Entry Microsoft Excel 

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