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Carl Sobstad Australia


OpenApr 14, 2019
We have several openings for experienced NATIVE English-speaking writers that can write quality pieces for a variety of legal, medical, internet commerce, travel, and other clients.
We provide blogs, guest posts, editorials, and web pages.
There is as much work as you can handle, with new pieces added to the content list daily.
Excellent, prolific freelance hires that provide quality articles regularly will be eligible for full-time remote positions.
STOP! Read this paragraph carefully before proceeding. Please only apply if you are a NATIVE English speaker. Don't waste your time and ours if you do not have native English fluency.
There are a lot of scammers on Toogit who claim they are from the U.S., use fake images and fake samples. If you are one of these people and apply, you are wasting your time and ours. We will know after your first submission that you are not a native speaker.
By native fluency, we mean someone who went to grade and high school (and college though we have writers with no college degree) in the US/UK/AUS/Canada/New Zealand/South Africa only.
We have writers from many different backgrounds: English majors, science majors, medical students, lawyers, stay-at-home moms and dads, political science majors, college students, and more.
NOTE: If you are hired on Toogit, we pay you through Toogit.
If you are not comfortable using Toogit, this job is not for you. We realize there are a lot of scammers out there. Please read our reviews if you are worried about working this way. We are a $10,000+ company on Toogit. We pay you through Toogit.
You will get an email from us at least 2-3 times a day with the articles available and what they pay. If you are interested in one or more, just reply to the email and request it.
We are on Eastern Standard Time in the U.S., but we try to send out assignments' emails at various times during the day so our Australian, UK, South African and others abroad or living in different time zones can receive them during their waking hours.
You are not obligated to take anything, though we expect at least 1500-2000 words per week. If after a month or so you have not written anything or have not met the minimum. we remove you off the list.
Please read this carefully, so you understand how much we pay and how we pay you. Our payment structure varies depending on client and contract, but generally, we pay $4 for a 300-word landing page, $7 for a 500-word blog, $14/$15 dollars for 1000-words, and $30-$35 for 2000 words. We pay by the piece, not hourly. Our prices are fixed and not negotiable. If our contract pays us more, we pay you more. The assignments email provides you with the price we pay for each piece needed. Payments are approximately monthly. For example, if you submit something on end of this week, you can expect payment in about 30 days.
If you submit a piece that must be completely rewritten due to either failure to follow directions or particularly lousy grammar and syntax throughout, you will not be paid and will be removed from our writer's list.
We expect good quality work submitted on time.
Deadlines are crucial. You MUST submit your work on time.
You must proofread your work and run a Word spell/grammar check. No fluff! Factual pieces that are written in internet, not academic, style. This means lots of subtitles, short paragraphs, and informative material.
You MUST follow directions. Some pieces have more specific client requirements than others do.
Most of our work requires hyperlinks and images and SEO.
You will NEVER pay for images. If the directions call for a paid image, you find the appropriate image, copy and paste it with the watermark into the piece, and provide us with the URL.
If you don't know how to hyperlink, don't worry as we will provide you with guidelines.
Thank you for reading our ad.

Skills & Expertise Required

Content Writing 

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