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Walker W.Germany


OpenDec 13, 2018
We need a logo designed for our brand

The logo itself should be or with some very clean text.

- The Facebook Profile pick should be the logo with some mossy ghoulish cartoon feel to it.
- the cover photo should be about 3 or 4 people, not full blown zombies, but humans sort of like zombies, and one is overhead squatting, one is back squatting , and one is front squatting. They all have barbells and weights they are squatting with. One of the zombies knees are coming in, another zombies knees are wobbly and the third ones knees have exploded while they are at the bottom of the squat.

I have added images of the 3 types of squats. I dont' want the zombies to be facing us, but more like they are marching and we are looking at them from a side to front The background should be green and mossy like the profile pic.

We will eventually want to put these on t-shirts so we will need the best format to do that with.

Skills & Expertise Required

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design Logo Design Web Design 

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