Fix issues with Bootstrap/ HTML5/ JavaScript/ PHP application




Tom Ward United Kingdom


OpenMar 10, 2019
Our company that allows users to create designs on motorcycles. A functional webpage has been created

Now, a newer version of the same application has been started at different location but there are a few issues and the developer has become unresponsive.

What we're looking for:
An experienced web developer to fix some issues on this tool. If successful, there may be much more work/adjustments in the future. The project was created using Bootstrap, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript and the files would need to be adjusted and edited. This tool is also working inside of Wordpress, if that matters.

We need the following deliverables:

1. When first loading the page, we don't need an alert saying to Choose a Model. The Flag on the screen next to the models is enough
2. The application is supposed to work like this - when you have the bike in front of you, you can select a part on the bike or in the Choose Parts icon to edit it. In the new version it will let you do that once, but then it won't allow you to do it after that. We need to fix this.
3. Currently, the application loads things on startup (Fonts, Stock Images, Number Colors, Default Colors, & Help Videos. We only need to load those things as the icons are clicked on.
4. The Round "SAVE" button on the right side of the screen says "Background Color" when you hover over it. I would like to remove the single icon and have 2 buttons for Save Design and Retrieve Design with the same functionality
5. When selecting an object (text/image) We need Edit/Layers/Delete buttons on the part. I think the buttons need to appear below the object once it's selected. (75% opacity) See Image in Doc
6. Can we put the price/purchase (above the motorcycle not below)?
7. Models - The png images of the models are stretched. Can we make the actual image size appear?
8. Number Plates - Make the Update Number button 250% larger
9. Images & Sponsors
a. The png images of the logos are stretched. Can we make the actual image size appear?
b. The icons go off of the screen, can we have a scrollbar just for the icons?

The project was created using Bootstrap, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript and the files would need to be adjusted and edited.
I will share the files for both of these applications with you.

In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience and tell us about a recent web app you worked on.

Skills & Expertise Required

Bootstrap HTML5 javascript jquery PHP 

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