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Walker W.Germany


OpenFeb 7, 2019
Need a forecasting projection ready for our board meeting. We mainly need help with an excel template where we can edit CAC, LTV, Churn, etc. Will share current financials after signing an NDA.

These projections are meant to help our investors understand our burn, revenue growth, when we'll need a cash injection and how much that injection is. When building this model, please keep the below bullet points in mind.

- We sell reports (product 1) to our customers at $99. This is a one time fee. (In the model, we should be able to change that $99 to whatever price we want)
- It costs us $135 to get that product 1 sale. We should also be able to change that cost number to whatever we want as it might go down as we optimize our ads and funnel.
- There's a percentage of customers that ask for a refund on those reports. You can set that percentage at 10% with the ability for us to change it.
- To all customers that purchase our reports (product 1), we try to sell them our supplement subscription (product 2) with a 14-day free trial.
- About 25% of our customers opt-in for that offer. We need to be able to change that percentage in the model as well.

- For the customers that take this upsell, we send them their first box for free (estimate COGS at 45% of the price of the box, which in this case is $99).
- If the customer cancels their subscription PRIOR to the 14 day period, they don't get charged and we lose money. We're estimating cancelation rates to be 20% (but again, that number needs to be able to be changed in the model)
- If the customer does not cancel before the 14 day period ends, they will be charged for a 3 months supply at the price of $99*3=$297. We ship them 3 boxes so our COGS will need to reflect that.
- We estimate about 20% of our subscription customers to cancel after that first 3 months (again, this number can be set to whatever we want)

So to summarize, the inputs that we need to be able to control are the following:
- Price of the reports
- The cost to get a customer to purchase the reports
- % of report customers asking for a refund on the reports
- % of report customers that take the supplement upsell
- 14-day trial (We can change it from 14 days to whatever we want)
- Price of the trial. Right now it's free, but we might have it at 50% off.
% of trial customers that cancel before the trial is over
- Price of the supplements (right now it's $99)
- COGS relative to the percentage of the sale price for supplements. (Default to be set at 40%)
% of customers that cancel after every pay period.

Skills & Expertise Required

Accounting Financial Analysis Financial Forecasting Financial Modeling Microsoft Excel 

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