Fuzzy C-Means in MATLAB




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OpenNov 23, 2018
Fuzzy C-Means project in MATLAB.


1. Please use the fuzzy version of k-means clustering (fuzzy c-means, FCM) algorithm to segment human brain MRI images from patients who have brain tumor. Your program should be able to display segmentations of an image in different pictures individually.

2. After segmentation, use computer vision functions to count the number of pixels in the tumor region.

Image segmentation is to group pixels into regions for future process. In each partitioned region of an image, pixels have similar characteristics based on given criteria. In this project, you are going to use color fusion MRI images of human brain tissues. We assume that color is a stable property for each tissue region in an MRI image. It is very likely that pixels in different tissue regions within an image will present themselves as clusters of pixels. Therefore segmenting tissue object in a brain MRI image becomes the problem of finding a set of clusters.

Skills & Expertise Required

Data Science Machine Learning 

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