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George D.Germany


ClosedMar 30, 2018
What access is needed for you to work? All accessor read only? Analytics. Tag manager , and Adwords. 2 urls
There are older unused url you can review for activity, and ad ideas

Action desired: call or complete online application -only once qualified. I do not want many calls, the person should already know price and which dog they want.

Retargeting static or dynamic?
We did 1 of each do we need 4 of each group?

Were they approved?

Under 150kb, product, price, call to action
Google shuffle the banners, which are doing best?
Is performance restricted due to budget?

Is the call to action to call or email? Call prefer, after they are qualified via our targeting. No number in the actual ads.

Restructure goals

Date and time spend: Review analytics and adwords history, specifically organic visitor date and times, send me table of days and times of organic traffic, and paid traffic goals completed then -modify our ad spend for times and days to match the completed goals and organic traffic.

Device: Optimize bidding based on device or monitor goals for 1week and then optimize for device that is completing goals most

Keyword targeting analysis: Review keyword targeting which of ours bring most visits and goal completions.

Ensure ads are going to the correct landing pages. We have individual landing pages, you can review them and let me know if any changes should be made to them. Should clients be directed directly to the dog they were searching or the breed page or the all breeds page?

Competitor review: Review competitor seo keywords and ad keywords, ad new group \u2018competitor keywords' and see how it performs in valuable actions not CPC. Review in 1 week. Competitor:

Do a general keyword search for search volumes per breed, %changes recently and how many sites targeting those keywords.

Demographic review: Review organic traffic for demographics. Review goal completion for demographics. Modify targeting and spend. Top 21-30% of households or ?keep in mind our prices. We have both male and female buyers. From 35-70.household income.

Our top sellers are Blue or white French Bulldogs, Red Poodles, White Pomeranians. Do not target all breeds on the site only the above and include specific colours. All breeds ad as well.

Should we do video ads?

Location: USA only. Are we modifying spend per state? Or city or both?
possibly advertise in only targeted states or greater %of budget in states that organically and paid traffic Complete goals?

Should we focus on rebuilding search and retargeting but not normal display?

Is the remarketing audience list set up?if yes target. Can we for example if someone went to posh retargeting them with tiny?

How many campaigns are currently running?

Optimize measure and reassess weekly on Wednesday. As I personally answer each client call and email, I know very quickly(within 48hrs) what works or doesn't.

If you have any seo suggestions to improve organic traffic please advise. If my delveloper needs to ad anything for tracking or make any modifications this will be done on Saturdays

No agency
No outsourcing

Skills & Expertise Required

Display Ads Google AdWords Internet Marketing Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Advertising 

Project closed for bidding!

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