Help with implementing Genetic Algorithms for scheduling optimization (Operations Research field) in Python




Howard KnibbsUnited Kingdom


ExpiredApr 8, 2017
I need help to code a small mathematical model for a scheduling optimization problem (it is a classical problem from the field of Operations Research) in Python using a basic Genetic Algorithm (generate parents, evaluate a Mono-objective function, crossover, mutate).

My problem consists of having a set of tasks with a given time window and a duration time for each task. I have four constraints and my objective function is to maximize the sum of the priorities of the executed tasks. Due to the constraints, not all the task can be executed, so we must to find a schedule by using GA (as a complex problem would take too much time to solve by exact methods).

It is a simple function with one objective and four constraints and my main objective here is just to see how I should encode the genes, calculate the fitness. I have one year of Python programming so it is also a opportunity for me to learn

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