Jewelry - Need 3D Renderings from STL Files




Dariusz Rozycki Sudan


OpenNov 17, 2018
I am looking to convert my stl jewelry files into amazing 3d realistic photos that I can use for sales on our website.

I am looking to get the STL file rendered to have 5 photos of each file.

3 different angles of the ring in a platinum color.
1 shot of the ring in gold color
1 shot of the ring in rose gold color

I would like to get a price per stl file to make the 5 photos. But I have between 100-200 files that need to be converted. So we are working on bulk project. I would also like to know how much time it would take per file to get the 5 shots so I can compare.

I'm also not sure how much the industry rate is so I am not going to set an accurate budget. Please make your offers and provide a breakdown of cost.

Skills & Expertise Required

Engineering Computer Engineering Software Architecture 

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