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OpenApr 9, 2019
In connection with a piece of dramatic writing, a lifelong speaker of Iranian Farsi who speaks English well will perform up to six tasks:

1. Translate a few words of English dialogue into spoken Farsi dialogue while web-chatting with me to discuss the context of the dialogue or, at the client's option, on his or her own.

2. Allow me to make a recording of the Freelancer during relevant portions of any web-chat session. Recordings of the Freelancer's voice are *not* intended for broadcast, publication, scientific research or posting to an Internet archive for unrestricted public access. Rather, the recordings are meant to help actors learn to sound like native Iranians. The Freelancer must work in a reasonably quiet recording location and use a good quality mic or headset.

3. Provide a written version of the Farsi dialogue, if any.

4. Provide detailed responses to my attempts to pronounce the Farsi dialogue.

5. Tell me at least one oral history in English with whatever Farsi accent the Freelancer may have, if any.

6. Read aloud an English narrative passage and, or, English dialogue that I will provide with whatever Persian accent the Freelancer may have, if any.

By virtue of applying to this job, all applicants agree to abide by the terms of the Toogit User Agreement that Toogit made effective and Optional Service Contract Terms that Toogit made, as well as by all other terms and policies of the Toogit platform, with an interpretation of the Optional Service Contract Terms under which the Freelancer agrees that the Work Product may be published by the Client or the Client's assign without authorship or acknowledgement to the Freelancer or additional compensation.

No cover letter is needed, but please answer the screening questions attached to the posting and make a recording of yourself saying something in Farsi using the mic you will use during our session and upload it with your application.

Skills & Expertise Required

Persian Translation Translation English Persian 

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