Looking for 3D artist (character clothes modelling)




Sudeept India


OpenMay 29, 2019
Looking for 3D artist (character clothes modelling)


1. Creating game-ready clothes, shoes, hats and accessories
2. Creating finished models LODs
3. UV coordinates layout, all models in one 8K texture, including head, arms and open body parts. Body model will be provided.
4. Creating texture maps for PBR shading
5. Base color, Occlusion, Roughness, Metal, Normal (DirectX)
6. Materials creation
7. Highpoly models retopology
8. Hair creation (Texture maps of hair and eyelashes separately from body models + clothes)


- Maya
- Zbrush
- Marvelous designer
- Substance Painter
- Photoshop
(or analogues)

Clothes requirements:

Amount of clothes polycount: 8.000-12.000 triangles
Shoe polygons: 1.000-2.000 triangles

The total polygons per one character: 18.000-25.000 triangles
(head+hands about 8.000-12.000 triangles)
LOD1 = 10.000-12.000 triangles
LOD2 = 4.000-6.000 triangles

LOD1 for clothes + shoes is about 5.000-6.000 triangles
LOD2 for clothes + shoes is about 2.000-3.000 triangles

Clothes UVs are to be combined with a character body parts UVs within one texture

Texture resolution: 8192px

Required maps:
- Base color
- Ambient occlusion
- Specular
- Roughness
- Metalness
- Normal (for UnrealEngine 4)

- Topology adapted for the animation.
- Keep model in quads, triangles for polycount only.
- Place poles properly to fit animation ready topology best way.
- Place 3 edgeloops at joint bendings, elbows, knees, etc.

Simplified topology example will share with shortlisted candidates.

Skills required:

- Polygon modelling from scratch
- Performing UV layouts
- Transferring (projecting) textures from one model to another
- Performing retopology
- Creating normal maps
- Creating occlusion maps
- Modelling by photo reference or sketches
- Desirable ability to draw by hand
- It is desirable to understand the composition, light, and tonality

Budget agreed individually, please provide your proposal.

Skills & Expertise Required

3D Modeling Adobe Photoshop 

Offer to work on this project closes in 247 days!

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