Looking for a talented game designer to help with item stats, balance, progression




Jayden Jao Spain


ExpiredOct 1, 2017
Game is ~50% through development. No major changes to system or mechanics are allowed.

Extinction Level is a sci-fi game in development for iOS devices. Set 300 years in the future humanity has been defeated by the machines they created. You died 300 years ago betrayed by your own team, your cryohelm preserved you and now you must once again pilot a giant Mech to discover a way to save humanity.

The game uses a turn vased combat system like JRPGs, players scout out planets and dislogue trees for decision making. No map wxploration The game should have lots of items for the player to purchase and upgrade their mech. 3 weapons, body, and 3 mods. Most fights should be easy for the mechs, like dnd, it should slowly wear down their resources (health) and occassionally a big fight threatens their destruction. returning to base to repair and purchase upgrades is a core mechanic.

Designer should have strong mathematical skills, sense of game balance and the ability ti explain and respectfully debate their choices and motives. The player should feel like there are interesting choices and trade offs when purchasing items. not just a clear optimal path.

This is an indie project that is going over budget, please be self motivated and ready to work part time for the life of the project with little compensation. You will be listed in the game credits.

Skills & Expertise Required

Game Design Game Development Game Testing 

Project closed for bidding!

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