Looking for AWS expert with experience in implementing Cognito authentication services




Rio SeSingapore


AwardedJan 14, 2018
We are looking for someone to help us implement an authentication service in front of our web-based applications that run on AWS and have access to DynamoDB and S3. It seems like Cognito would be a good fit but we are open to other suggestions.

Our applications are mostly javascript-based, but in some cases we do have some custom php back-end code that may need refactoring. It's likely we will be able to handle any modifications to the php code, but if you have php (and drupal) experience that would be a big plus.

Ultimately we will be looking to you to configure Cognito (or something similar) in a way that makes sense with our AWS services.

We should be able to grant users access to resources directly or by assigning users to groups and giving those groups access to Dynamo and S3 resources.

You should also be able to write any necessary server-side code (node.js probably) that our javascript apps will need access to. And, again, any experience setting-up authentication for hybrid apps that may have some legacy code in php would be very helpful in our case.

Skills & Expertise Required

AWS Node.js PHP Network Security 

Project closed for bidding!

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